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  1. CPDude

    If your an ABDL with a physical disability, we would like to hear from you!

    Hi everyone, I am a adult baby with strong desires to be babied. I find it very hard dealing with my cerebral palsy as I age. Been In diapers for decades
  2. CPDude

    Should I wear a nappy to my vaccination appointment

    No one will care at all.
  3. CPDude

    Dinner in highchair

    One of my housemates use a high chair. I am hand fed often because I eat very slowly
  4. CPDude

    How did you become incontinence?

    At birth
  5. CPDude

    Find out your little age (quiz)

    Got 12 months which is pretty close
  6. CPDude

    Group home

    I am happy. My staff are friendly. They are trained to use thicker diapers at night. So they let me use a onesie to hold it in place as I sleep
  7. CPDude

    Group home

    It happened fast. The care I was getting through my previous program wasn’t enough. I needed housing and had very little time to find it. I still have pictures and my phone. I will still be able to go to hockey practice and tournaments
  8. CPDude

    Group home

    Where I was, my family died of COVID. I had to scramble to get the care I need. Could not afford the family home on my limited income
  9. CPDude

    Group home

    I am moving into a small house with 4 residents and 24 hour staffing everyday. I have my own bedroom and hospital bed with rails. Kinda excited. I hope to be able to relax
  10. CPDude

    Do you enjoy mess your diaper or not.

    It happens everyday. It loses enjoyment over time. Can’t control it. Glad to get changed quickly though
  11. CPDude

    What was it like to wear diapers in Elementary School?

    In the US, it’s hard to qualify for caregiver services that allow me to work unless I am very poor and stay that way. My care is more then $100,000 a year and there are still gaps. And yes, I have a masters degree and minimal employment
  12. CPDude

    Anyone else completely failed potty training?

    Cerebral palsy. Causes a lot of mobility issues. I walk but slowly, and sitting is not easy
  13. CPDude


    It’s possible. A ton of things have to be figured out. You need to describe what you are looking for and what you can offer the potential relationship
  14. CPDude

    Affordable incontinence solutions.

    You are assuming that I had a choice to conceal my diaper use. Because of my disability, I wear and use 24/7. Less then 5 minutes after I met my forever partner for the first time, she was changing my very wet diaper and changing my soiled pants.
  15. CPDude

    Affordable incontinence solutions.

    I wear diapers 24/7. My family knows . I see no reason to hide it. Most don’t care at all. My significant other will change me when I need her to
  16. CPDude

    A world where diapers were normal - What would change?

    What would change is more adult changing tables. More acceptance of diapers visible in public
  17. CPDude

    Affordable incontinence solutions.

    Medicaid will provide diapers for free
  18. CPDude

    is windows 11 real or just rumored

    My hand built computer tells me I have to make some bios edits to be ready for windows 11. Not sure if I should do it and don’t know how to. I can take a screenshot if needed to show you what I am talking about
  19. CPDude

    Anyone else completely failed potty training?

    I remember my parents trying to potty train me at 4-5 years old. But with my disability, I never got to the bathroom fast enough, and I wet and messed myself every day. By the time I started first grade, my parents gave up and I have been diapered 24/7 ever since
  20. CPDude

    Peed on the floor. 😬

    I have leaked and got the floor wet many times