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  1. Alphacore

    The Top Bracket

    Chapter 1: Worlds Apart CHEVRON: The Collection Teams are in position, the routes of transit are cleared, and the processing facilities are ready. I still don’t understand why you delay with clearance. DOC-IN: Your expedience will be the death of us. CHEVRON: Poetic. Would you mind...
  2. Alphacore

    Feedback Requested Reopening RPs

    I would like to get an overall "yay or nay" on this before I ask specifics: is it possible to unlock some of the RPs that ended up closed after the demographic shift? I understand the ones that where closed because the OPs were the ones kicked out, but I don't understand why the ones that just...
  3. Alphacore

    Bug Report Articles Redirect

    Anytime I click on the Forum button at the top of screen, it takes me to the Articles page. The only way I've been able to into the forum proper is by using the new posts page. Using the 'chain' links below that (Forum-Special Forums-Administrative stuff) are broken for me as well. I can only...
  4. Alphacore

    Tranquility ATN review

    The following is a hindsight review of medium Tranquility ATN (all-through-night) diapers, and as it is in hindsight, there are no pictures (sorry). Appearance: The diapers are modestly thick, but not as much as the abena. They are plain white on the outside with two lines of wetness indicators...
  5. Alphacore

    <insert generic introduction message here>

    Hello...uh, just to be honest, this is mainly an awkward attempt at a introduction. Please bear with me... Anyway, I'm just an average person on the surface. I guess a typical description for me is a couch potato, I love playing video games of all sorts, watching movies and TV and not doing...