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  1. amon

    Tips for first time regressing?

    Tomorrow I will have some home alone time, and I want to try regressing. It's something I have been more curious about lately. Thing is, I have never done this. Is there any good tips for someone who has never done this before? Any like beginner step or something?
  2. amon

    Just got my adult paci!

    After trying the baby size and finding out that I kinda liked pacis, I decided to order and adult size. After a month of waiting I finally got it! It feel very strange sucking on it, but it also feels just... right at the same time. I guess the more I use it, the better it feels, right?
  3. amon

    Question about the smell of pee

    I went up to my room, played some games and got padded. After an hour or so, I felt the need to pee. I wanted to wet my diaper, but I didn't because I was unsure of how much it would smelled. Thing is, sooner or later, I have to cross the livingroom where my mom is, and I don't want to smell...
  4. amon

    My songs are disappearing!

    So this is the situation: I have a bunch of songs that I have downloaded from youtube. I decided to make a system so that I can easily find my songs, thus, renaming them. I did that, and poff. They vanished. I couldn't find them. I tried searching using some of the words of the title, and the...
  5. amon

    Amons re-introduction

    Since there has been so many that have joined since last time I introduced myself (which was my first introduction), I thought why not make a re-introduction? I go by the nick Amon, which does not come from Amon Amarath or the Egyptian gods. No, it comes from a video game called Shadow Hearts...
  6. amon

    I don't like myself for being this way

    As the tittle kinda tells, I don't like being a dl. Sometimes I hate being one. I know it's somewhat forbidden to say such things here, but heck, I can't hide it! I hate myself for liking diapers. I feel like a freak. I get reminded of that every time I see a baby or a diaper commercial. Sure...
  7. amon

    One scary character....

    When I was little, I used to watch the Moomin cartoons. It was based on the children books by Tove Jansson. The cartoons were pretty fun, but sometimes things got scary. One episode, children everywhere had the pleasure to meet one of the scariest (if not THE scariest) character ever to appear...
  8. amon

    I finally got some real diapers WOOOOOOO!

    It happened. I finally got some real diapers at last. I still can't believe it!
  9. amon

    I forgot what I was going to say (or write)

    By the end of the day, I always think of many things I could write about in the forums. Not just ADISC, but other forums as well, but when the next day comes, I log in aaaand... then I forgot what I wanted to write, only to remember it when I go to sleep. And so on... Anyone experienced...
  10. amon

    I have a problem with youtube downloader...

    I can't download any youtube videos. Every time I try to download something, I get a message that says: "No flash video found." Anyone have any ideas?
  11. amon

    ADISC brawl?

    I'm tired of the old fashion 1v1 matches in brawl. So i thought to myself. "what about a ADISC 4-players free-for-all with items?" So anyone interested or is it just me? People how can. Amon Valerye Charlie F Anon E. Mouse
  12. amon

    I saw a episode of Derrick.

    And it was very good. :) For those who don't know, Derrick is a old german crime stories-series that went on TV around 70-90's. And that all I know of it. I have allways heard of it, but never seen it, so I was very happy to be abel to finaly see it. :) So, have anyone of you seen any episodes...
  13. amon

    Onslaught Friend Codes

    Hello, I'm back and I wonderd if anyone have bought the FSP "Onslaught" for the wii. If so, mayby we could exchange friend codes? I will upload my as soon i will start my wii. (I bet i spelled exchange wrong >_<)
  14. amon

    drawing comics

    I love to draw, so much that i have a fantasy comic in the works, witch is going fine. I would love to give you guys a link, but i don't think you can understand norwigan. However, i'm also making a script for another comic which my friend will draw and it's a wersten. The problem is that i...
  15. amon

    super smash bros. 64/melee/brawl

    as i said, i'm a smasher, and i didn't see any super smash bros topic (if it's not on the last page :P ) so i guess i just start one. WHAT IS SUPER SMASH BROS? well, SSB is a awesome fighting nintendo game. In this game you can play as your favorit nintendo charather, and beat the crap of the...
  16. amon


    hello. I'm not sure if i am a 100% diaper lover, but what i do know is, that i'm from norway, and i hope i'm not alone. I'm not sure if i even like diaper that much to be called a diaper lover, but i'm not a TB/AB. I have made "fake diapers" and peed a little on them, but only once in a...