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  1. MrSun

    ABU small sizes are coming!

    With my waist, I never even considered ABDL diapers before now. Medical diapers are the only option for performance.
  2. MrSun

    Messing at night.

    I woke up and messed a pull up without realizing I had on a pull up. I didn't like it because I didn't noticed the pull-ups right away. I need to wear thicker diapers. That is the difference between being happy messing in bed and not being happy.
  3. MrSun

    Smaller Pull-up

    The the Goodnights fit well enough, but I don't feel safe and secure. The coverage is good, but the lack of tapes makes it feel less like a diaper should.
  4. MrSun

    Smaller Pull-up

    I guess for non-adult diaper prices, Goodnight large are the best chance. I might buy depends just in case the Goodnights don't make good pajamas.
  5. MrSun

    Smaller Pull-up

    What size would the Goodnights be? I don't know how the sizes of premium adult diaper compare to Goodnights.
  6. MrSun

    Smaller Pull-up

    I've never bought diapers in person and I don't know what to look for when I'm in the store. I'm looking for a pull-ups that fit. I'm thinking about kids pull-ups because they'll be cheaper. It's mostly for comfort sleeping. I live in the US and have a 27 inch waist. Are there any characters or...
  7. MrSun

    Any advice for getting comfortable with full use of a diaper....

    Full use isn't bad as the diaper is well equiped for that. Since you're not actually bowel-incontinent, then you have control of how you poop so you're not getting all the same problems. Fortunately, I don't have to deal with any incontinence. For me, pooping in my diapers is about having...
  8. MrSun

    How to get over the fear of messing diapers

    So you succeeded? Congrats on your first poopy in your diaper. I wasn't very okay with my first diaper poopy, but it something I've grown accustomed to. There's a group called The Messy Group if you want to talk about pooping without fear of complaint.
  9. MrSun

    Going to try something

    Leaking isn't what I consider a goal, but I guess you have to learn somehow.
  10. MrSun

    Messing Lying Down

    Any position works for me. Even walking once, although I didn't like it. Lying down is my favorite.
  11. MrSun

    Who has held it until they couldn't, thus having an "accident" ?

    It's easier to do with messing usually. Safer too, but you'll be very uncomfortable for hours. It's very dramatic when solid. I don't think it'll be fun with wetting and it'll lead to a leak.
  12. MrSun

    How to get used to wearing a stinky diaper

    Diet is very important. Not all messes are equally comfortable. Healthier poop is better poop and it's less likely to leak. Diapers are very good for bonds. If your partner is responsible, go ahead and learn to poop whenever you need to.
  13. MrSun

    How many of you started out DL , and then gave being an AB a shot and ended up liking it?

    AB is not interesting to me at all. Diapers are great to wear and it's not because of any association with babies.
  14. MrSun

    Two days without The Ulimate wager

    Day 0 7:34 AM "Lucy. Mark let the toilet seat up again!" I yelled from the bathroom. "What? Mark did you?" I heard the older woman's voiced. "I don't know, maybe?" said a distraught male. I giggled at what came afterward. "It's true.Doesn't he need corrective action," I said. "Lucy, it's...
  15. MrSun

    Grown Attraction To Thin Diapers?

    I don't have a huge problem with thin diapers if except for absorption. Absorption means more time without change, which is nice. It's on the inside that matters.
  16. MrSun

    The word "diaper"

    I can only say diaper out loud when wearing. Maybe it would be easier to say with while wearing under the pants.
  17. MrSun

    Punished for pooping pants when a little boy.

    I got in trouble like that once. I was older than 6 but there weren't any restrooms around for a while and I wasn't allowed to go home to relieve myself. I messed my pants when I was almost before I reached the bathroom. I was old enough not having even remembered a time I worn diapers and it...
  18. MrSun

    What should I wear?

    Thinness id an okay trait with me. Wetting expanses the thickness. I agree with the point on scale.
  19. MrSun

    Alternate Diaper aspirations to 24/7

    A lot of people talk about going 24/7 but that's never been a goal of mine. Personally, I have thought about quitting the toilet when it's comes to messing, as oddly specific as that is. I've also considered just going nightly. There are even alternate styles of 24/7 which often goes...