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  1. slannen20

    24/7 in cloth

    I was just wondering, has anyone out there gone 24/7 with cloth. I see a lot of 24/7 posts about disposables but i imagine cloth would be much harder. But is it worth it?
  2. slannen20

    Forced into diapers

    A lot of ABDLs have the fantasy of being forced into diapers. has anyone actually tried that? How did it go down?
  3. slannen20

    Your own nursery

    I know a lot of people have considered having a nursery in their house. Has anyone out there actually done that? And how has it worked out?
  4. slannen20

    the feet in footed pyjamas

    A while back i made a footed sleeper, but the thing is i had real trouble figuring out how to make the feet. I got a pattern for a child and just modified the sizing but instead of instructions for the feet they just rounded the feet off with a sort of half circle kind of like the handle of most...
  5. slannen20

    Money orders

    So i want to buy some plastic pants. Now as you can imagine i don't want my parents knowing about this so i cant use their credit card. So i wanted to use the Money Order system. The problem is i don't quite know how that works. i have a sort of an idea, but i would like it to be a bit clearer...
  6. slannen20


    See heres the thing, i know that for most people being a homemaker is a bad thing. But i just don't see that. I think that it would be great to be able to wake up in the morning make your husband/wife breakfast then see them off with a hug and a kiss. Then spend the morning doing all the little...
  7. slannen20

    Diapers in Hospital

    If perchance you had a need to go to the hospital and you had the chance to wear diapers would you? And would you let the nurses change your diapers? Also have any of you out there actually done that? I do realise the unlikelyness of this situation happening but i just thought i'd ask.
  8. slannen20

    Making my own diapers.

    So I'm making my own cloth diapers. I'v already got a sewing machine and i know how to set it up and choose the stitch and tension. I've already made two diapers, the first one was a disaster the second one was much nicer but still not what i wanted. Anyway my question is, does anyone out there...
  9. slannen20

    Who would you turn Gay for

    It's quite a simple question really. Those of you out there that are heteros; Who would you turn gay for, and those of you out there that ,Like me:), are happy happy homos who would you turn straight for. I would turn straight for Eva Longoria. I mean come on! the Desperate Housewives couldn't...
  10. slannen20

    I Love Diaper Pics!

    As the title suggests, i love diaper pics, my question is would you prefer a few diaper pics, a diaper vid or a story?