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  1. MorbidAngel

    What's a Daddy without his Baby Girl?

    I was sitting in a restaurant with friends last night, and in walks an adult baby girl dressed in bright colors, pig tails, a pacifier, and a teddy bear. Whilst the people I was with mocked and ridiculed the sight referring to her as a "thing", I couldn't help but feel extreme sadness in longing...
  2. MorbidAngel


    When I got out of my last relationship... It hurt the person who used to be my Little Girl. In a desperate attempt to come back to me she left me messages calling me Daddy. Which confused my current girlfriend, so I ended up having to explain how I took care of my last girlfriend like my baby...
  3. MorbidAngel

    I lost my Little Girl.

    She used to be so sweet, and it made my day to hear her call me daddy. I used to hold her when she slept, and feed her, and take care of her when she got sick. I just want my little girl back...
  4. MorbidAngel

    Diaper girls

    Along side being a Daddy to my baby girl, I enjoy just seeing her in her diapers. Not necessarily sexually(though I honestly do have a bit of a fetish when it comes to the subject), I just like seeing her walking around the house, and it sticking out from under her shirt while she makes food, or...
  5. MorbidAngel

    Baby's first diapering

    My little girl was diapered for the first time today, she seems to like it. I sat her in the floor with some toys and let her play, and get used to it. I just put her in bed with her pacifier, and her teddy. She's fast asleep, and I'm excited about her so, I decided to share.
  6. MorbidAngel

    Musical Taste

    Since this is an Off-Topic Thread...I thought I may be able to get to know some people through interests in Music. My Baby Girl, and I both listen to a range of music from Death Metal to Jazz, and Classical: Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Cattle Decapitation, Emperor, Watain, Dark Funeral...
  7. MorbidAngel

    Toys for Baby Girl

    I want to get my Baby girl some toys to play with while I'm busy around the house. She regresses anywhere from 1-4 years. What are some fun ideas?
  8. MorbidAngel

    Buying diapers for Baby Girl

    Anybody know what kind of store bought diapers/pullups/goodnights, whaaatevers would fit a 33 and a half waist comfortably? I'd be buying from places like a Babies R Us, or Wal Mart.
  9. MorbidAngel

    New Daddy

    I'm 18, and my girlfriend is the same age, we've been dating some years, and I just recently told her all about ABDL, and that I wanted her to be my baby girl. She likes it, and she plays her role well, she's confused though, she doesn't know what age she's supposed to be, and I really don't...