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  1. pistachio62

    Where to buy Diapers?

    Hey you all, I like in Lakewood, Colorado and own a car, just wondering if any of you knew a good place to buy diapers in or near Denver or if anyone knew of any small pharmacy's near me... Thanks a ton, would love to hear really from anyone with suggestions... I'm looking for higher quality...
  2. pistachio62

    Diapers in Denver???

    Hi, I'm Brandon... I was wondering who here on lived near Lakewood/Denver Colorado... The only reason I'm asking was because I was wondering where I can buy some higher quality diapers(tena, Abri-form, and what not) without having to order them from the Internet... Thanks a ton for...
  3. pistachio62


    Hello, My name is Brandon, I'm 16 years old, and I'm a Junior in High School. I enjoy wearing diapers a lot, but can rarely find the time and privacy to do this. Neither of my parents work a conventional job so they are home all the time. I have a small stash of diapers in my possession, some...