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  1. Beta

    How to Tell Your Partner about Your AB/DLism (Advice from a non-AB/DL partner)

    Hi everyone, I was supposed to post this in a thread way back in like November, but after working on it I decided I would just do a separate post. I’ve seen a lot of posts about deciding about whether or not to tell people about being an AB/DL, and it always generates a fair bit of discussion. I...
  2. Beta

    Finally doing my formal introduction!

    Hi everyone! I’m finally getting around to doing my formal introduction. I’m Beta, a college student who was introduced to ADISC by my boyfriend (he goes by Alpha here on the forums). Around a year ago he got up the courage to tell me that he was a DL, after we’d been together a little over a...
  3. Beta

    Unique Avatars

    I've noticed that there are a lot of people that have really unique/interesting avatar pictures. So I was wondering, is anyone willing to share why they chose the avatar they did? Where did the idea come from? How does it represent you? I'll go first. My avatar is part of a larger piece I did...