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    Looking for interested person near Lancaster, PA

    I have begun exploring and planning with a goal to manufacture my own style of diapers and maybe try to get some lines to manufacture for example ABU in the future. I figure designing a diaper and look at machines to get used. I am a machinist so many parts can be made in house. Anybody...
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    Did Attends cancle there diapers with waisband?

    All large everywhere I look is out of atock or back order.
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    ID Slip PE

    Does anyone know where to find ID Slip PE size large. XP Medical used to have them but don’t for some reason. I need to find a spittoon order more.
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    USPS Loosing Your Diaper order.

    Just to warn you I ordered diapers from Save Express. The Post Office in Lancaster PA has lost my cases of diapers worth 700 dollars. Have any of you had any issues like this and what you did to resolve it.
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    Procter and Gamble

    Do any of you know if P&G will expand or reaquire Attends. I really wish the old attends would make a return.
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    Experiencing something beyond this world.

    Have you ever experienced something so powerful that you would give anything to get there? I had something like this happen a few times. I have experienced a love and peace that nothing here in material could come close to.
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    I need some help. I am trying to find purple footie pajamas for my fiancé. Any ideas? Some I found are not to my liking. Trying to find something that are childish.
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    Diaper Machine

    I have a lucrative career that may allow me to invest in ideas. Do you think there is enough money in the ABDL market, and diaper knowledge to try and produce an old baby diaper design in the adult sizes?
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    the ab/dl job bank.

    How many of you here would like the idea of other fellow diaper wearers that come here often to chat and are business owners, were to post job openings on these sites?
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    We have a lot of ABDL's here. How man of you are great at the skill of cooking. I cook a wide variety of foods. I love to make fresh pasta, and have perfected m recipe of home made pizza. I would like to here what you like to cook.
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    What would you do if your own children wanted to go back into diapers?

    Most have read many diaper stories especially when a parents child wants to wear diapers and it progress into the full babying and some just a return to diapers. My question is, what would you do if you that have children had one or all of them want to wear diapers. I am not sure what I would...
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    Leak Master reusable products.

    Has anyone here tried the Leakmaster all in one cloth diapers. I am thinking of buying a few dozen. Are they worth it? Any other products I should get in conjunction with buying these diapers?
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    Model Railroading

    Any of you here model railroaders? I was big in it until I gave it away when I went to the seminary a while back, and hopefully when I get a job I will be starting over with the hobby.
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    The struggle for the purity of the soul.

    I am not sure if this is a discussion that is worth having here but here we go. I am a diaper lover and idolize the idea of being a kid at heart. With having the heart of a child we should embody innocence and childlike trust. The problem I see within the community itself is the fact so many...
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    Hi from a fellow DL

    Hi all! My name is Stephen. I have been a DL for many years. I am a straight person that struggles with living a good and virtuous life. I am currently trying to get back into my trade as a machinist. If there was one wish to be granted is to meet a girl to be m wife who likes diapers like...