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    Do you like your diaper dry, wet, or soaked?

    I like to wear my cloth diaper to bed with no plastic pants on. I have seen on other sites people talk of punching holes in the plastic cover of disposables. Got up this morning with a nice wet bed and soaked diaper. Took my meds then unpinned my diaper and put it in the washer to spin it out...
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    I find I giggle like a girl sometimes. Most of the time is online and I type *giggles*. One day on my face book for this (AB/DL) and in a message typed in *giggles* because I did, giggle. The person I was "talking" to asked if what was said was funny. I replied just as well laugh as to cry...
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    20 Posts

    I see that I can "level up" with 20 posts. But how do I? What I mean is I don't see how when after I find a post that I find the most interest in, it is soon a locked thread and I am not able to keep participating in it. This has happened quite a few times after I responded to other threads...