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  1. Jewbacca


    Here's the deal, chavs, paying taxes is a civil duty of every citizen in the US (and most other countries). Now, as we all know there's a bit of a debt crisis in the US, and many other countries. The only solution that I can see that can fix this problem is people paying more taxes, most other...
  2. Jewbacca

    Video Games Protected By First Amendment

    So, Video games have recently been ruled to be protected by the first amendment. Thoughts? Full Case Ruling Here
  3. Jewbacca

    90's are back baby!

    for all those people who grew up on nickelodeon in the 90's rejoice: Children of the '90s: 'Clarissa Explains It All,' 'Pete & Pete' and More to Air on TeenNick
  4. Jewbacca

    ReIntroduction!?!? I thought you said... Wait, who is this guy anyway?

    Hi! I'm Jewbacca, and I'm posting A REINTRODUCTION THREAD THREAD THREAD for those who don't know me, thread (stop it) as well as, for those who don't care about me. First off I'd like to apologize for the swarm of reintroduction threads that are bound to ensue, and at this moment, I'd like to...
  5. Jewbacca

    Dear Zombies, Please Do Not Eat Our Brains.

    For those of you who don't know there's this super mega awesome comic book series called The Walking Dead which has also recently been made into an almost equally mega super awesome TV show. For those of you who do know about it, anyone want discuss how kick-ass the storyline is, or what you...
  6. Jewbacca

    anyone want to hear the ramblings of a mad man?

    So, tomorrow night, Monday 22 June, Somewhere between 8 and 10pm est I will start a group skype chat, and I will ramble obliviously, all those who wish to join in simply have to add me, or message me. If you cannot find my Skype info, merely pm me or message me in this thread and I will pm you...
  7. Jewbacca

    Well, apparently it says I'm newly joined, sooooo.

    Hi everybody, I was born October 24, 1990 in Maine at age 0. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes. If you were to compare to a bird you'd most likely say pigeon. My left eyebrow is slightly lower than my right. A spaghetti bath always seems like a good idea. I enjoy spouting gibberish. Edit: damn...
  8. Jewbacca

    Education versus learning.

    This is something that has always irked me, why is the idea in our culture that you need to get an education in order to be successful, so prominent. I don't understand the need to pay large sums of money to graduate from college when you could just as easily learn the stuff without attending a...
  9. Jewbacca

    Looking for a good time?

    I was debating putting this in fun and games, but since it definitely involves some form of maturity (or lack there of), I've decided to place this here. Within this thread you can feel free to place ideas that you've heard/thought of/done that supposedly allow for "a good time," be it...
  10. Jewbacca

    Antisocial, what it really means.

    I don't know why, but it REALLY pisses me off when people use the term antisocial incorrectly. And to inform all those who are unaware, I have made this thread. Antisocial does not mean unsociable, or "not social", like everyone seems to think it does. Calling someone antisocial means that...
  11. Jewbacca

    I need some advice.

    Dilemma: So I made a poster that I was planning on giving to a friend, but I don't think my mom realized that and she went to go get it framed. I sort of blew that off thinking I could still give it to him. I just got it back today framed with glass, and I find out that my mom spent $115...
  12. Jewbacca

    Idea about getting diapers at the store

    I just had an idea which may help people who are nervous about getting diapers in real life/being seen getting diapers. What you'd do is make it out to be a game where you're trying get the weirdest look from the cashier. One of the things you could get would be: some kool-aid mix, a ball of...
  13. Jewbacca

    Anyone else get these strange urges

    Dear, I sometimes find myself with these strange urges to tackle cars. I imagine myself charging full speed at a top heavy car and flipping it over. Or charging straight into it a causing a moose sized dent. Does anyone else get similar or even stranger urges? Sincerely, The...
  14. Jewbacca

    I'm Back?

    I guess after what could be called a two to three month hiatus, (after I felt a bit shunned from a post in the administration forum) I'm back to actually speaking full and complete sentences. I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but where else would you post that you're...
  15. Jewbacca


    Just felt I should drop the shroud of shadows, one would say. I hope everyone has the appropriate appetite to appreciate my abundant use of alliterations.