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  1. BabyMitchy

    Opinion: Diapers On YouTube and Public

    I express my thoughts through video: I view public (real life in the world.) diaper visibility as wrong. Mainly because you are forcing it on people. I view the internet and Youtube differently: On X rated sites you can literally do whatever you want. No issue or complaints. On Youtube you...
  2. BabyMitchy

    I was Abused once.

    Technically I did experience a form of abuse. I've never told this to anyone. Sorry, I do everything in video form guys.
  3. BabyMitchy

    Trying to feel better.

    I am uh, me. I just lost my cat Trixie and I am trying to get out of the dark place into something more positive. I have always been about attempting to walk that DANGEROUS line of, hey, I wear diapers it's okay everybody! So yes. Trixie, who we had for MANY years died. Trixie Tribute...
  4. BabyMitchy

    Anyone Want to start a recorded series Minecraft server?

    Hi guys! I recently re-discovered Minecraft and the amazing aquatic update and was really wanting to do stuff with others. The premise is this: A series of videos playing minecraft goofing around, doing projects and reaching goals like ender dragon wither etc. in a new world. (survival) face...
  5. BabyMitchy

    Sigh, Man Tricks Women To Change His Diapers An Arizona man has been charged with multiple counts of sex abuse and fraudulent schemes after he allegedly faked having Down syndrome and hired female caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers. Sadly, this is not the first time this has entered the news.
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    Youtube Ricegum only wished he could rap like this\=lQYKTwYAy2o Random generated rap. ...and I don't like rap.... I mean, much.
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    Update on my current projects On some of the projects: (I need voice actors, artists, and musicians. You will be paid for your help, but need to sign a contract. It will include royalties.) I don't want to break any forum rules on contact so this is an iffy subject to bring up. If it causes or...
  8. BabyMitchy

    The Need To Be Understood This goes over how important it is to be understood. How being understood can be an integral factor in happiness and life.
  9. BabyMitchy

    The Darkness inside us. Good Vs. Evil in Battle. Prize Included (As long as it's ok)

    I want to represent the darkness and light within all of us and include a prize with it. If that breaks ANY rules please, just tell me asap. It's intended as honest harmless adult fun. We ALL have that darkness that says what we are doing is wrong. Well... What if he/she had a voice? It...
  10. BabyMitchy

    100 Layers Of Diapers

    So I decided to try the 100 layers: Diapers challenge and even though it kind of failed I did use 100 diapers. Used the cheap assurance diapers. - Have not tried them yet but a real full review of them will come up after some testing... probably about a week. I think the 100 layers of diapers...
  11. BabyMitchy

    Adult Baby DJ Battle!!!! Starts with Splashing Around Remixed Dubstep then dance remix. Then Old Mcdonald Dubstep and dance mix. BabyMitchy VS Evil Mitchy. Who won?
  12. BabyMitchy

    Dedicated to everyone who has loved and lost. From Babymitchy
  13. BabyMitchy

    Teddy Con. The biggest convention in PA is coming again. My main issue is two-fold. I don't want to go without a parent present. (I am married.) (Leave messages here for my wife and she will read them - you can state it can be private hotel room changes etc. time off from work...
  14. BabyMitchy

    Indiana Mitchy - Safari Diaper Review Pros: High Absorbency. Cute Print. Perfectly snug fit on a 32 inch waist. Cons: High Price. Imported product. Of note I find the Rearz web site to have a lot of neat stuff... but the web site itself is so stock it's an eyesore to me.
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    I could use some cheering on I am having a hard time in video editing and it's really making me wish someone was here for me right now. - Mitch
  16. BabyMitchy

    We are Number One But it's BabyMitchy

    I was thinking about doing a mix of this it's a meme thing going around anyone wanna help out? Like instead of evil it would probably be like a baby? just wondered if anyone had any mix ideas or wanted to help me make it.
  17. BabyMitchy

    New RPG Chronotrigger / time and real life related. Looking For Help

    The following written information is just a simple outline, however, it is copyright 12/04/2016 By, Mitchell Leigh Shelton Chronotrigger / Chronocross type RPG Looking for help. Game Title: This game has a fantastic title but I do not want to release it until copyrights are checked and it's...
  18. BabyMitchy

    My Internal Struggle.

    This is about my life. My fight. My depression. My heart. My soul.
  19. BabyMitchy

    Drop your pants!!!! Ok. I admit my true thoughts about Depends in this video. Maybe I held back in the past.
  20. BabyMitchy

    Bambino Magnifico BabyMitchy Review 3 part series Part One This is a LONG video, it's honest. I had 2 mediums to test....that's all. The next video will be an official un-boxing - what a customer can expect. The third video will be a full on comparison between large and small stating how likely...