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  1. LittleAnonymousHacker

    My mom knows...

    On June 18, 2021, I was getting ready to leave to visit @BluMew, a new ABDL friend of mine. I was taking an unopened pack of diapers with me. He agreed to let me store them (and my paci) at his house, where my parents wouldn't find them. I had already packed a large gym bag with my belongings...
  2. LittleAnonymousHacker

    Bambino Red Bearon

    These were just announced today: I previously posted this here:
  3. LittleAnonymousHacker

    Has anyone else opened up on non-ABDL forums?

    I've been wondering about this for a while. I've been pretty open about my little side on GBAtemp (a gaming forum) and I haven't really gotten any backlash for it. Has anyone here tried opening up elsewhere (not counting social media)? What were the results?
  4. LittleAnonymousHacker

    Cloudflare 1020 Error

    I used to be able to log in without any problems with my VPN running, but now I'm getting this error. I've never logged out on Tor, so that's what I'm using to post this. It's important to me to only access this site using Tor or a VPN because I value my privacy and don't want there to be any...
  5. LittleAnonymousHacker

    Pokémon Huggies

    I'm surprised that this hasn't been posted yet. I never really got into Pokémon, but I know that this will be of interest to others. They are only available in China. Good luck fitting into them...