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  1. itsmebabypat

    Pushed up belly while wearing a nappy

    I'm quite a chubby guy and recently I'm having trouble with while I wearing a nappy above the waistline of the nappy is pushing my tummy up and causing a bulge above the nappy especially when I sit down. I was wondering if this happens to anyone else.
  2. itsmebabypat

    Moving - how to hide abdl items

    Hi guys, both me and my partner are moving soon. But I'm unsure how to hide my abdl things from people who would be helping us move ( family, removral company etc) I did have a thought of using all of my nappies by the move date and not getting any more until after. Any advice would be great.
  3. itsmebabypat

    Fursuit help

    Hi all my partner is looking in getting a partial (head and sleeves) fursuit, just wanted to ask if anyone has any good suggestions of UK creators.
  4. itsmebabypat

    hi everyone looking for cheap snap crotch onesie/vest

    Hello all I'm looking for a cheap either in the UK or uk postage snap crotch onesie/vest. Any advice welcome.
  5. itsmebabypat

    went to my first ABDL event.

    I attended a ABDL event called Little big land for the first and it was the first time meeting other ABDL's. It was a fun day hopefully next time I will be more confident to talk to people, I was very shy but at the same time enjoying being there.��
  6. itsmebabypat

    wearing reins/harness in public?

    My partner got me some reins/harness from but has anyone worn any in public
  7. itsmebabypat

    advice on making my own onesie

    Hi guys has anyone use there old snap crotch onesie as a template pattern for sewing a new one. Any info would be good
  8. itsmebabypat

    advice how to stop nappy from falling down

    Hello all need some advice when wearing a dry nappy sometimes when walking around my nappy seems to be dropping off and falling down any advice to stop this is great.��
  9. itsmebabypat

    pull ups sizing

    I'm looking into buying pull ups but what are the largest size you can get them in?
  10. itsmebabypat

    Advice dungarees/ shortalls U.K.

    Hello everyone, just looking for some advice I want to get some short dungarees/ shortalls but I'm looking for some for a reasonable amount and in men's (boy') good U.K. postage. Any advice
  11. itsmebabypat

    anybody been to ABC (in the uk)

    Hello everyone I was thinking of going to ABC (Adult Baby Club) never been to anything like this before or met others.
  12. itsmebabypat

    need help finding a funky/quirky zip up hoodie

    Hello every one, just wondering if any you all got any ideas of where I get I can get a funky/quirky zip up hoodie. I'm from the uk so cheap postage if out of the uk if possible. Many thanks.
  13. itsmebabypat

    saw cuddlz nappies in street

    Me and my partner was walking down the street and as we cross the road we saw a plastic bag, my partner shouted out to me "look cuddlz" the bag was full of used nappies. It just remined that I'm not the only little/toddler around
  14. itsmebabypat

    manchester legoland discovery centre (adult only night)

    Has any one been to the manchester legoland discovery centre, they sometimes hold adult only night event as during the day you can only enter if you have a child with you under the age of 17 years. Just wondering if any one been to one before?
  15. itsmebabypat

    help any FTM (female to male) AB/toddlers

    When in toddler mode how do you make your self feel more like a little boy
  16. itsmebabypat

    hello all

    Hello all my name is babypat I'm a adultbaby/toddler, I have a loving and supportive partner, who I have been with for about year and came out to them earler last year. I hope to meet other who feel the way I do Plus any FTM out there I like to draw, I'm currently doing a leisure art course...