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    A small but huge gesture

    With COVID 19 in full swing I haven't seen my girlfriend in about 2 weeks. She knows I am an ABDL and is okay but doesn't participate. A few years ago I had a mental breakdown and took my wearing way too far (still live at home) and bombarded her with this side of me when it was all still new. 5...
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    Just bought my first AB/DL diapers and I'm worried...

    Hey there, so I just bought some Tykables and Dotty sample packs as I was feeling daring. They just arrived and I managed to receive them without rousing my house mates awake. I've never worn a plastic backed diaper and OH GOD THEY ARE LOUD! I opened it up and messed around with the wings and...
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    My source is getting too familiar.

    This is mostly just a post to hopefully alleviate some of my anxiety about today's interaction. So I noticed that I was low on diapers today so I made a trip into the city to pick up some more. I always buy from a small elder care shop just outside down town, and have been doing so on a not...
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    How is AB/DL best explained?

    Hey everybody. I'm making this post because I recently came out to my girlfriend through a stream of rum induced tears. She says she wants to understand this fetish/lifestyle for me so I wanted to ask for some help. I want to know what being an infantilist, adult baby or diaper lover and...
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    Nearly caught. Completely stressed out.

    I have been hiding my adult baby activities since I was thirteen years old with only a few minor hiccups along the way. I have never told anyone and thankfully never had to explain this to anyone before. Two days ago a mutual friend between my sister and I approached me in front of a group of...
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    A Proper Introduction

    Hey I've been a member of this website for quite some time and I just noticed that I really don't know anyone here. So I've decided to introduce my self properly after all this time. My name is Mouse. I am 17 years old and I am a DL. I live in a small airport town in Ireland with my mother and...
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    A Big Accident.

    Ok so here I am just sitting in my room watching Batman Beyond when out of nowhere I got the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I jumped up and made my way for the bathroom slightly hunched over due to tight cramps in my stomach. I barely made it out the door when the pains got drastically...
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    Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

    This is a very hyped up competition and just wonsering in your opinion which do you believe deserves the title of FPS King of 2011? Im not asking which you think will sell better just which you think will be better. I myself am rooting for Battlefield.
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    So I have finally found a place nearby that sells adult diapers but they only stock tena pants discreet. Does anyone have any experience with these diapers and if so I'd like to know what they are like compared to drynites.
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    Keep having accidents

    Quite recently i started wearing diapers everyday (but not all day) as I am a TB and several times I have found myself wetting my diapers without realizing and in one case accidentaly going no. 2. Can any one explain this please.
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    Anyone on PSN?

    I was just trying to find AB/DL's on PSN if so please send an invite to zoolanderob. FPS players preferably
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    How many diapers do you go through a day?

    For me it would usually be 0-1. How about the rest of you how many diapers would you go through a day.