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  1. Seasonedcitizen

    What's your most recent AB/DL purchase?

    More diapers, what else?
  2. Seasonedcitizen

    Do many men wear women’s panties? Yes!

    Thirty years ago, Hanes had briefs for men that were cut like their women’s briefs except for the color and waist band. Haines for him and Hanes for her. No fly and comfortable. Better than the briefs I always wore .
  3. Seasonedcitizen

    Looking for a new romper

    Wash it again and hang it up to dry with a weight stretching the bottom. last century I bought some plain rompers from a fabric store. You could decorate them yourself.
  4. Seasonedcitizen questions

    They want your email address and cell phone number For a $10 discount. How often do they text?
  5. Seasonedcitizen

    What do you like from a caregiver?

    I would like to be kept as a four year old girl still in diapers.
  6. Seasonedcitizen

    What are your favorite stuffies?

    I take her shopping with me. Everyone gets a laugh.
  7. Seasonedcitizen

    Is it weird that I don't want people to care if they call me the wrong pronoun?

    Just refer to me as “Your Royal Highness”.
  8. Seasonedcitizen

    Do you folks that wear diapers for pleasure ever wear for practical purposes too?

    If I get up during the night to use the bathroom, the cats will think it is time to be fed and the dogs will wake up. I just get out of bed, stretch, and pee. Once I’m up and running, the first job is taking the dogs out, then feed them and the cats, and take them out again. Being diapered is a...
  9. Seasonedcitizen

    Pacifier and masks

    I was tempted to wear lipstick under my mask. if you are a cross dresser who likes going out in public, the mask hides a good part of your face so passing is easier.
  10. Seasonedcitizen

    ADISC has been EMPTY

    Someone has to think of a new topic for consideration. Two people had great ideas. The first was to find a caregiver who doesn’t speak your language so you feel as helpless as an infant when it comes to stating your needs. The second was to have oversized furniture built.
  11. Seasonedcitizen

    Don't order the wrong size

    You can double diaper. Make slits in a diaper and use the MegaMax over it.
  12. Seasonedcitizen

    Cleaning my Plushie (help needed)

    Dry cleaning?
  13. Seasonedcitizen

    What do y'all love Abena M4 so much?

    I like them. I don’t wait until they leak before I replace them, just when they start feeling uncomfortable.
  14. Seasonedcitizen

    Took the plunge and picked up some pads

    I’m old enough to remember that pads had to be worn with a cloth belt.
  15. Seasonedcitizen

    Wearing clothes wrongly, such as inside out

    At my age, it is to be expected v
  16. Seasonedcitizen

    I think we Schoolgirl Sissies need a Diaper School!

    Wearing a diaper defeats the lesson of the paddle. Your bottom must be bare .
  17. Seasonedcitizen

    What's your most recent AB/DL purchase?

    I got a good deal on some Abena M4 diapers this summer and I was going to order more but figured that a better offer would come on Black Friday. Nope, it didn’t happen. Allegro Medical had a sale of twelve percent off and free shipping so I bought some diapers and plastic pants.
  18. Seasonedcitizen

    BLACK FRIDAY 2021: any sales for our world?

    Allegro Medical has a 12% discount and free shipping. USA. I ordered some Abena diapers and plastic pants.
  19. Seasonedcitizen

    I think we Schoolgirl Sissies need a Diaper School!

    We have to agree on a school uniform.
  20. Seasonedcitizen

    BLACK FRIDAY 2021: any sales for our world?

    Preventawear has a sale on their clothing up to $20 off The total order.