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  1. Fragarach

    Returning from the dead

    Hello community, I was a member on here years and years and many mixed up years ago. Life has changed dramatically and I wanted to reconnect. Here is the basics for me I am a Dom Daddy and DL in a poly marriage with 2 women and 1 other man. My senior wife is vanilla and an ally, our other wife...
  2. Fragarach

    Ever met anyone who refers to themselves as ABPT

    Discovered an interesting person who refers to herself as a ABPT... Adult baby pre toddler. She is smallish and in Baby mode, won't crawl or walk. Prefers being carried, feed, clothed and having her diaper changed without any more physical assistance than a normal pre toddler stage would give...
  3. Fragarach

    Need MP3 Player Advice

    OK SO I live in Maine, living in Maine and enjoying all this fine state has to offer seems to also mean being hard on equipment. For the third time since 2009 I have utterly killed my MP3 player. What i was hoping is that you smart young tech savy folks could recommend to me a near bulletproof...
  4. Fragarach


    SO I have a growing desire to see if I can be artistic and I have become fascinated by the Steampunk genre. I was wondering if anyone else on here was into Steampunk art? I have started designing and gathering pieces for a clockwork bird that will sit on a top of a small desk clock and...
  5. Fragarach

    Hello From the Great State of Maine.

    Hello, I am a DL from Coastal Maine. I am one of the few people who likes Depends for everyday use and Bambino for special occasion. I'm a professional in my mid-thirties. I am a student of history (even have a piece of ornate paper that says so ;) and moral philosophy. I am an adjunct prof...