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  1. Littleleogirl

    Pampers cruisers size 6 vs 7?

    I tried pampers cruisers size 6 and they barely taped up. I am wondering whether or not it's worth ordering the size 7's or if they're fairly close in size. I'm 5'3 120 pounds 26 inch waist, any other recommendations are welcome :)
  2. Littleleogirl

    Awwsocute shipment taking forever!

    So I ordered a sample pack of awwsocute diapers along with a pacifier (my first online abdl puchase ever! eep) on November 25th. I haven't received anything yet and Im getting nervous because Im supposed to go on vacation next week and I have a friend staying at my apartment. I wouldn't be...
  3. Littleleogirl

    Boyfriend diapered me for the first time !!

    So yesterday we were having a bit of a lazy saturday. I was still wearing my pull-up diapers from the night before. One thing led to another and my boyfriend started to initiate sex. It was great. Afterwards, I was laying on the bed naked and he looks at me and goes "Stay right there, don't...
  4. Littleleogirl

    Most baby-ish adult pullup/diaper

    Ok so I know similar questions might have already been asked, but I hope you can still help me out. Basically, I'll be going on vacation on Monday, and I'm looking for the most babyish looking pullup or (re-fastenable) adult diaper. I want to wear in public but I really don't want to use it...
  5. Littleleogirl

    Finally felt brave enough to join :)

    Wow, this is weird. I've never communicated with any other abdls before :sweatdrop: I'm 21, and a little girl (I feel like there aren't as many girls as boys but the few that I've seen on tumblr and stuff are super inspiring !!). I'd say m "little age" is around 2-3 when the mood strikes me. I...
  6. Littleleogirl

    Am I the only one who actually likes depends?

    I know they have a bit of a bad reputation around here, but I'm actually a fan of depends. They are my go-to "babyish" diapers when I'm feeling too little for goodnites. They look just like baby diapers on my bum and are nice and comfy. They're mostly plain white except for the green band on...