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    Help Request Delete my last thread

    Hi dear moderators I wanna delete you my last thread because too bored. Thanks :) Toyfun
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    I meeting my Toddler sister

    I write the imaginary story. So this is my first story, and errors may be in this text. And i know, this story is short. Not the best, but i try writes good. I hope you like this. Read and enjoy (I beseech you, not share this story on community pages.) I meeting my Toddler sister As you know...
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    Greeting again

    I miss a few weeks, but im sorry. I learning everyday, and always not time for log in this forum. But now i have a some times checks and writes the forums. :)
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    Help Request Thread deletion

    I have a Thread: I became a Sissy, and i want to delete. But i dont know how to delete l. Please help. Thanks.
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    What is the Sissy?

    I know, this question is enough silly. But i interested what is the Sissy. Really sorry the post, and a post writen by a boy. I have some questions, first: all sissies wear diapers? and my another question: what clothes wear the sissies? I hope i am right place.
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    ABDL Tales?

    I curious your ABDL tales or tales name, or link. And what you suggestion for night? Whatever is good. Just not violent tales.
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    The Matrix

    I watched this film, (so far not watched) and i was shocked. How much life truth in this film. Already the first scenes shows interesting things. Food for thought, but some things true, in this film actors say, already the beginning. This film have a lot of psychology question. Very good film...
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    Baby stroller?

    What baby stroller suggestion for me? I mean the color and type suggestion? And what baby stroller is better? If you know brands, it would be good.
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    Why not a lot of ABDL people?

    In this thread, i'm searching for answers, the peoples why not a lot of ABDL and why not know what is the ABDL. The peoples why see us silly when we said goo goo ga? And the main question, a lot of people not tolerate if somebody behave like baby. Why have got this? Maybe the accelerated world...
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    Me, the anxiety, and the baby shop

    I have a one feel, and i dont know how manage this. Every time when i walking beside the baby shop, i anxiety, and not dare to enter the baby shop. Why it's this?
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    I love turtles

    Who love turtles, and what's your favorite animal?
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    I'm afraid in the dark

    But that's problem? Cause i dont know... And why have got this?
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    Littles and ABDL's what music classics for listening?

    Littles and ABDL's what music classics for listening? And what children/baby music suggestions? Sorry if this thread is bad place in.
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    I'm not EC

    I'm not EC. Somthing wrong? I member ADISC 7 days.,.
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    Who cares me?

    The internet is very big. But i don't found a people, who cares me. I'm sorry this post but i'm very sad :(
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    ABDL's eating masher foods?

    ABDL's eating masher foods? if so what? I'm just curious. :-P
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    I need some help

    Hello, my name is Thomas, and i'm a little. Sometimes i feel a little baby inside me. I want to be ABDL, but i dont know how to be. This is my biggest dream. I need some help for the start.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello, my name is Thomas, but my nickname toyfun. I searched ABDL pages and find this website. This webpage is very cool :smile: