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  1. Jaedyn

    good anime?

    I'm guessing this forum's been done, but I'm just curious to those of you who watch anime, what you like? I have seen Last Exile, spice and wolf, wolve's rain, and fruit's basket. so, I'm just wondering if any of you know of anything similar, or even not so similar but is still fun to watch...
  2. Jaedyn

    um, goodnites?

    So, I have never actually invested in buying goodnites, but now I can see the appeal :-) This is my first thread guys, so i hope this is the right place to post this. In my twenties, and wearing goodnites..... my first thought is wtf (in so many ways...), but they actually fit! So I am...
  3. Jaedyn


    Hi everyone :-) I have come across this site a few times, and finally joined out of curiosity. To say a little about myself, i attend college and am interested in psychology. I love being in nature and try to make it to the nearby mountains frequently, mostly to meditate or hike. I enjoy...