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    Diapered Metalheads?

    I just saw behemoth and I'll be seeing lamb of God and amon amarth later this month. I'm more into black and death metal with some power metal in there.
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    The Martian

    I absolutely loved the humor in the movie. I lost my shit when they were talking about the Council of Elrond and the director of Nasa wanted to be call sign Glorfindel. What made the whole moment even better was the presence of Sean Bean. I could not stop laughing. I was surprised how in...
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    Snuggies Overnights Tapes - focused feedback

    The tapes got a little loose after sleeping 9 hours. One stick is all you get so make it count. Also, rubbing does help the adhesive. I haven't rubbed to your extent but I always rub my tapes in
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    Abri-let maxi

    Hmm. I have a case of them, I'll give that a try with some and see how it goes
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    10 hour drive diaper selection help

    bellissimos or dry 24/7's would be best...but since those aren't actually options I'd go abena
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    Warhammer fantasy or 40000 armies

    I play tau and grey knights. I've played tyranids, eldar, and dark angels. I am horrible about sitting down and painting all of them, which is why I sold the tyranids >.<
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    If u had to choose between conficare 24/7 or absorbency plus 4

    dry 24/7 hands down.. The new one's especially, cause they are amazing.
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    Greetings from the OC

    Hello! You live where I work! I hope I don't see you while I'm working though, that'd be bad for you, due to the nature of my work. Wow that sounds cryptic and ominous. I work 9-1-1. That might put things in perspective.
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    Changes In XPMedical and Their Supplies of Incontinence Products.

    ok this is like 4th or 5th time i've seen thick calves mentioned with fitting of diapers. What gives? what do calves have to do with diapers at all?
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    Getting a proper sleep while babied

    Recently I have wearing to bed nearly everynight with footy pj's and I haven't had such good sleep in a long time.
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    Thoughts on Chic-fil-A

    i love their chicken club and their honey mustard sauce. As much as I like the place, I find myself hardly ever going there. I do prefer my mexican food to pretty much everything else
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    If you could go back in time and do anything over, what would you do over?

    I would have dumped my ex-gf 6 months earlier so I wouldn't have gone into some of the most difficult training in the U.S. military with a broken mind and a broken heart. My ability to persevere would have been, I believe, enough to get through the training at least long enough to have stayed...
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    Snuggies update please read!

    I think they mean that you can order the diapers for the convention before the convention and get a reduced price. It says they will bring it to the convention. They can't bring a product that has been ordered if it doesn't exist. So, i would think that yes, they will still ship the...
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    Any X-Files fans?

    I binge watched until halfway through season 7 when they lost their touch. I liked Agent Daggert (sp?), partly because its Ryan Patrick, and he's awesome. But I REALLY liked that show. I have very strong memories associated to Far Cry 2 with the x-files cause I watched while I played. That's...
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    Disposable diaper with the biggest butt

    Fabine also has quite a bit in the back
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    best AB fetlife groups

    SOAP is good (Social of Age Players). I'm in the southern california division. They hold regular munches and parties. Young AB/Dl is also good
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    Anybody else download Guildwars 2 for $20 (Oct 30 - Nov 9)?

    I won't be downloading it (because I own it). I've been playing for nearly 2 years and am part of a very well established guild on Darkhaven server. So if anyone does play and wants to actually interact with other players, my account name is LordChristoph.2673 and my main toon is Fingolfin...
  18. F and North Shore Discreet Shipping?

    A good thing about northshore is that their shipping label says northshore only. No indiciation that it comes from a medical supplier, unlike Disposable Medical Express, which says their full name so its plainfully obvious what the nature of the contents are. DME has great selection though, so...
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    What do you do while wearing?

    everything I normally do, except excercise. But I find I spend more time lounging around on here or on Guild Wars 2 than other things
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    Is everybody breaking out the footed pajamas???

    I just got a pair from jumpin jammers. I bought a size too big but otherwise I love these thing. I wish I had made this purchase years ago. Bellissimo and footed pj's are the only way to sleep. Does anyone know of any Disney print pajamas? I'm having trouble finding them. The only one's...