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    Hey Punku! Welcome. Great to have someone else from VA. What part of VA are you located in? I am in central VA.
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    Etiquette for Sharing Space

    That's awesome that he had such a positive response. It is always nice to have someone close to us who can provide a non-judgemental listening ear. When you say get through airport security, are you wearing a diaper through airport security? Curious to hear how this trip goes with your friend...
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    First trip to urologist, what to expect?

    Hope your appointment went well. My general advice for folks is just to relax. This is their specialty. Urologists go to school for a long time to specialize in the types of conditions we have here. So, I guarantee he will not be surprised. When I started seeing a urologist when my bedwetting...
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    What are some good all-white diapers?

    Which Vendor is out of stock?
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    Any adult bedwetters?

    I'll join the club. Bedwetter for many years. Some daytime issues. Started with pullups and realized they wouldn't work to contain the amount I would void. Switched to diapers and have been happily padded ever since :)
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    BedWetting Husband

    Hi BrittanyJ, You seem like a very supportive spouse and he is lucky to have you in his corner like this. As a longtime bedwetter myself (I am 34 years old and have been having accidents since I was 14), I find diapers to be much more comfortable than leaks and wet beds. If he is genuinely...
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    North shores diapers

    I like the Northshores. They are pretty stiff at the beginning, but after a wetting or two, they are quite nice. Make sure to put them on as the instructions (and other posters here) have indicated.
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    North shores diapers

    I agree. I like northshore alot for my needs. However, they can be stiff at first and you definitely need to follow their instructions for "setting them up".
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    Diapers and Exercise

    I wear a diaper to the gym. I will typically wear a thinner diaper or pull up while working out and I make sure to wear compression shorts over them. I have never had anyone notice. I just don't care. I am there to be healthy like everyone else. Then I go to the locker room and shower and change...
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    Acceptance for diapers

    That sums it up pretty well. Once I stopped worrying if someone noticed, incontinence really isn't so bad. Regardless of why you wear diapers, whether for pleasure/emotional need or for a physical need, accepting them makes your life a lot easier.
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    My trip to the states

    Completely understandable. Flying still gets me a little worried. Glad you made it without a problem! Having lived in CO, it is a very friendly state to those of us who go through life with a little extra padding :)
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    Giving up on trying to hold it?

    I'm with ya... If I know I can't make it, I don't bother holding it. Sometimes feels a little lazy to not even try, but honestly, that is why we wear diapers. You're in good company here...
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    My trip to the states

    I lived in CO for 9 years and just moved back east to be near family. LOVE CO. It is such a beautiful state. Glad you had a great trip and didn't allow diapers to stand in your way!
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    Best diapers for heavy use?

    Hey Hubert, Welcome... there are a ton of premium diapers that can fit what you are looking for. I personally use Abu Simples during nighttime use when I need the most protection. If you were not concerned about bulk or discretion, you could easily wear them during the day. Can't go wrong with...
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    Would you engage somebody if...?

    I'm with most here... I don't think I would say anything. Of course depends on the situation, but I doubt I would.
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    Hoping to go incontinent

    Hope it works out for you. Be careful though... being incontinent has a lot of challenges. I personally wish I had the choice to wear diapers or not. Since I do not have that choice, I've decided to embrace it.
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    Who Knows about your Incontinence/Diapers

    My wife, my parents, and 1 or 2 close friends know. That's about how I'd like to keep it :)
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    How to hide crinkle of diaper in public?

    Same here. I have never had any one say anything to me about it. If you wear some underwear over it and/or a onesie, you will be fine. Don't stress about it too much. Try to have fun.
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    Any advice for getting comfortable with full use of a diaper....

    Well said. After I accepted that diapers weren't going away, I became more comfortable using them. I am way more relaxed about them now.
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    How would you classify your level of incontinence?

    I said moderate. Some days are better than others.