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    punished for wetting the bed?

    I was talking with my cousin, Bobby, last night. he said some guy at work was polling the group about what punishment works fora kid that still wets the bed. Bobby told him to not punish, which the guy would not accept. poor kid. Bobby and i were never punished for our constant bedwetting...
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    Do not wear white when you are diapered

    last week i took a friend to the hospital for a series of tests. while there a woman in her mid 20s? arrived. she was wearing white pants and a flowered top, and sat right across from me. she was also there for tests and clearly scared because she was clutching a stuffed bear so tighly its...
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    peeing games when you were little

    reading abdl4ever's potty training game got me thinking of peeing game my cousin and i did when we were little. it started with aiming for the cheerios in the toilet that mom used, to get us interested in using the pot. it moved outside to peeing on bugs to knock them off plants. then we saw a...
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    goodnites not staying on the shelves

    when in walmart i always wander through the diaper isle. last week when i did the older man stocking shelves was there. i screwed up my courage and asked why the section of big kid diapers always looks half empty. he said he fills it almost every day (unlike the rest of the diapers). he said...
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    diapers tonight in the hospital

    Ill be heading to my second sleep study in the hospital tonight. this time to check out and calibrate my cpap. Due to having soaked the bed last time, i have been instructed to wear a diaper tonight. thanks to discussions here with all of you i wont have a problem with them seeing me in...
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    feeling little at work

    last week was cold enough I was able to break out my corderoy pants and wear them to work. my mom would dress me in corderoy and white cotton long johns in the winter when i was in grade school, so it always makes me feel little. two others at work also had corderoy pants on too. and while on...
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    a real diaper memory from when i was little!

    i have read many questions on here about memories, and i always have said i cant remember being in diapers--well that changed last week. a group of us went to red robin. i thought it was weird, but i decided to try the burger with a fried egg on it. when i bit into it it tasted so familiar and...
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    stores in central florida?

    I will be heading to the winter haven lakeland area of florida in a couple of weeks, and am wondering if there are any AB/DL stores in the general area?
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    now officially a bedwetter in medical records

    last night i had a sleep test for sleep apnea. as i was filling out the papers saying my sleep issues it asked about bedwetting, i left it blank. i told the tech as she was hooking up all the wires that sometimes i leak a little ar night, (big stretch of the truth) so she got me a pad. well i...
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    any turkey-day revalations?

    we were at friends for t-day, and the typical discussions of kids, grand kids, and great grand kids came up and i overheard this "...i dont know what my daughter is going to do. he is 4 & 1/2 and still in diapers, tsk, tsk. of course i think his father was a bedwetter." im glad my mouth wasnt...
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    dreams about bedwetting?

    in the last few months i have hadthe same dream over and over, and i wonder if any of you have bedwetting dreams. i wake up in the bedroom i shared with my cousin. we are both around ten in thedream. instead of being in pjs, we are both in our littl league uniforms. and of course ee are both...
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    best wet diaper indicater ever

    i was walking to my car today (thinking about my wet diaper) when i sawa jeep tricked out for climbing. written upside down on the back window it said "if you can read this turn me over" and i thought what if diapers had a wetness indicator that would appear (rather than disappear) when wet...
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    did your classmates know?

    did other students in your class or school know you wet? when my cousin bobby and i were in third grade, someone from our class visited our neighbor. he saw the pjs and underwear on the railing, and sheets on the line (with no other wash) and guessed we were bedwetters. it didnt take long and...
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    parents attitude about wetting?

    for those who were bed wetters when you were a kid, what was your parents attitude about it? my mom and i lived with my aunt and cousin (he also wet). pretty much mom and aunt mary didnt seem to care. they felt boys are little piggies if they want to play in their pee so be it. i guess that is...
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    your halloween costum?

    what are all of you going to wear for halloween? even if it isnt going to be diaper-themed, will you be wearing protection underneath? i dont know what i will be yet, but you can be sure there will be a diaper with a doubler to help me get through the trick-or-treating and after party without...
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    childhood embrassing moments

    last night was talking to my cousin about cartoons (from a nother post here) and we got talking about our most embarrasing wetting. he said it was when he was called to the front of class to work out a long division problem on the board, when he had actually raised his hand to go to the boys...
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    does bedwetting run in your family?

    i have heard bedwetting runs in families, and then others say no it doesnt. in my case i would say it does. i have an uncle who wet. my cousin who i grew up with and i both wet. and he has 2nd cousins and their kids who wet. clearly something genetic is going on there. what about you and...
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    growing up a bedwetter

    i'm wondering if my growing up a bedwetter is typical for bedwettersor not: when i was about 3 my parentsdivorced and mom and i moved in with aunt mary and my cousin bobby. it was a moble home, bobby and i shared a bed in his very small room. we both were bedwetters (runs in the family), so...
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    have diapers will travel

    last saturday i stopped at McD for lunch and ended up sitting next to two families traveling. when done eating the moms took the two toddlers off to get changed, and the two older boys (5 and 7?) went to the play area. the one guy then askedthe other " hey, how come your kids are still in...
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    what kind of diapers?

    i was in line at the post office and saw an older man with what i'm pretty sure was a diaper sticking out the back of his pants. the diaper was shinny white with very light yellow writing on it. the writing was too light to read. any idea what kind of diaper it might be?