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  1. blob

    DryLife Slip vs IDSlip

    Has anybody done a comparison? I've got some of both and they seem to be identical, but the IDSlip tapes often fail on me whilst the DryLife ones stay stuck! I prefer the design on the IDSlip, I like those colourful medical prints.
  2. blob

    Disposable Nappy Bags UK

    Can any of the UK forum members recommend disposable nappy bags that can actually fit an adult nappy? I always used to just use plastic bags I picked up from shopping but with the 5p bag tax it seems wasteful now. Thanks.
  3. blob

    ID Slip

    So I wanted to give these a go as I've seen some pics and they look good, but there are so many options! Has anybody tried them recently, as I only found...
  4. blob

    Abena Bodystocking Sizing

    A quick question for those who have one, what's the sizing like? I have 32" waist and would use a Medium Abri Fom M4, but it looks like I'm inbetween the small and medium for the body stocking but its hard to tell as they only give you hip measurement. I'm quite skinny and only about 5'3" so...
  5. blob

    Plastic Sheets UK

    I’m on the lookout for a noisy plastic sheet (double) in the UK, does anybody have any suggestions? On another thread (now closed) a few people recommended the silentnite, but said it’s a bit quiet: Silentnight Waterproof Mattress Protector Double | Protectors | | Mattress Protectors from...
  6. blob


    Im a DL from UK, 22 years old. I regisetred on the old forum before it was lost, and have been on this one as a lurker for a while! Having a slow weeeknd so thought I should actually post something. HI! :laugh: