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  1. lilbing

    Need recommendations

    My apologies if this has been discussed already. But I am in need of an affordable overnight diaper. I've been doing some research and ran across the Total Dry Overnights. Does anyone know if these are decent? They look similar to Wellness Superio, which are ok but don't fit me the greatest. I'm...
  2. lilbing

    Trucking and incontinence

    Ok, I decided to go back to the truckin industry because I just couldn't sit at the house anymore. I actually drive a cargo van over the road. Being incontinent has its challenges doing this. I came out of my shell of denial on facebook during a live broadcast last week. It's no longer an option...
  3. lilbing


    I'm a big guy, I have severe urge incontinence. Matter of fact I ended up losing control and urinating in my pants twice today. (mainly because I was too lazy to get diapered after my shower) anyway, I can't find comfortable diapers. I have a flat butt which means whatever I put on, falls off...
  4. lilbing


    I'm lilbing. I'm incontinent. I primarily wear the Super Seni. Looking forward to chatting with others on this site. I'm into aviation, cooking and animals. I have my own furbaby (dog) that is my love. Her name is Coco. I'm not good with these introductions so I'll leave it at that.