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    28/10 14:32

    Greetings, i rarely feel acknowledged for my achievements and i fret asking for the help i need . i'm an established contributor to this site but whimpered away 8 months ago, ... since then i've had 2 jobs attacked by a dude with an axe, grew some my own vegetation and climbed into my house...
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    Pls answer this techy boffins

    i'm bringing this up again cause i never really got a clear answer 1st time. Will u techy boffins ever allow it so i can use the chat functions on this site Via a playstation 3? it's taken for granted that everybody uses a PC - i dont have a PC :( i feel like i'm only peering in the shop window...
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    crossover chatter lol

    There is a crossover that occurs here with a lot of people that has a genuine reason to wear nappies and come here perhaps to enjoy the social vibe of others respectively of their reasons and motives to wear nappies. my question is this could sites devoted to other fetishs such as "foot fetishs...
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    ' A how to ' when you got a number 2.

    what have you found to be the best method for getting changed? ( for argument sake let's say you'd be a few pounds lighter once the offending article has been removed ) ie a potential number 2 maybe in your under'drawers! i'd just like to know how everybody deals with a situation like this...
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    opera to function within the irc?

    just wanted to know if ur planning with this maintenance to allow the playstation 3's browser to function within the irc? it's opera - the browser.
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    A simple Request,

    i have no doubt that this question has been asked a trillion times already and i've also no doubt that there is links somewhere on this site... well i'm relatively new here and so far have everyone to be very honest and up front - which is Great :) Anywho,.. on to my request, where could i buy a...
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    older folks need nappies

    i've now decided to wear nappies alot more,.. around friends and even to work, i feel that the older i get there less point there is to hiding it. i'll be 30 next yr! i simply don't want to end up as sum old gezzer hiding my true feelings, so far this is a bit of an aimless rant so i'll put a...
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    japanese rocker in diapers!?

    if you go to this site you'll see what i mean' ' i'm just curious as to why she's wearing nappies ?? anybody heard of her or why she's wearing nappies? i think it's totally awesome, if anything she makes wearing nappies look cool and a little more mainstream.. Check her out...
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    japanese trend??

    how about the japanese fair, a year ago the japanese fair which had adults dressed in skinny black lycro proclaiming - Wearing a nappy could be more socially more acceptable. i'm very sure that i'm not a novice and most of you will have no doubt seen pictures of this jap. fair i'm referencing...
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    Hello irish nappy fella

    hey there, i've been reg. here ages ago but didn't really considered it to be a good site - how wrong was i, i now see folks here actually chat!! So felt it important to introduce myself :D . i live in n.ireland, i'm 29 i love games, beer, nappies playing games .. and smoking weed :D i'd love...
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    nappies & fun

    i'm a big time fan of playing video games and i'm sure there is many here who'll agree that it's comfy wearing a nappy and playing games. So i hope this works out, anybody fancy adding me on their playstation as a friend .. Great to know the persons your playing with are wearing nappies too and...
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    playstation 3 & chatting here

    just wondered if you tech dudes are aware that with playstations browser the chat feature wont work, get a new window say jave isn't enabled - when it is.. tried re-opening same again .. did you know this??
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    irish nappies & fun

    introductions.. Hi my name is Ryan, i'm 28 live in ireland. i enjoy reading sci fi and other types of philosophy, getting high, getting drunk - wouldn't be irish if i didn't. video games, ... And nappies, not so much the dressing up and bottles etc just plain simple nappies . my goal in joining...