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  1. Paddedkokiri

    Looking for an Abdl comic

    Years ago on diaperedanime, I found a comic that was based around a girl who's little sister pulled a prank on her. With and doing so exposed her diaper wearing secrets to her boyfriend. Only in the end did she learn that he liked diapers too, so they both became closer and intimate together...
  2. Paddedkokiri

    Underwear that feels like diapers.

    Has anyone found something that has felt pretty similar to the feeling of diapers. I've always wondered if I could find something similar but as it is I've found really nothing that has ever matched the feeling of plastic backed disposables. Any thoughts on anything that comes even to a similar...
  3. Paddedkokiri

    Thoughts on different kinds of Pacifier Nipples.

    So as an ageplayer, one of the biggest thing's ive been wondering about is how people feel about the different kinds of nipples seen on pacifiers. I know its a moderately simple question, but to me, I wonder. What is one's favorite's kind of nipple and why? Are some, in general, much easier on...
  4. Paddedkokiri

    Long Time Lurker Returns

    Sooo, Seem's i've become a lurker. Well, Here I am! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:It's been about 2 years since i've been around. I still have a fluffy diaper on once in awhile. Now though i've changed a little as I sometimes like to dress up every once in awhile when i'm wearing my diaper. Been...