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  1. CrinkleScarf

    Danny and Daniel

    Been a while since I've written any kind of AB story, but I recently felt inspired to give it another shot. I've been trying to explore this side of me in different ways recently to hopefully gain some more understanding on where it fits into my life going forward. Hoping that writing this will...
  2. CrinkleScarf

    A Chillout Playlist for Littles?

    I'm not talking about nursery rhymes or a collection of Disney soundtracks, but does anyone know of a Spotify playlist that invokes the mood of feeling little? I know it's kinda vague, but I'm curious if anyone's ever put something like this together. Just something chill to play in the...
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    So this has been on my mind lately. I've heard a lot of people talk about getting into a "littlespace" over the years. What are the trigggers for/feelings that go along with that? What actual mental or physical effect does it have on you? I figure it's not going to be the same for everyone, but...
  4. CrinkleScarf

    Urge to Communicate

    First off, it's been quite a while since I've even visited this site, let alone posted here, so hey there. I have to say, it's kind of surreal posting here again. A lot's happened since I used to be a regular here, for the better mostly. Although now that I think about it, most of the friends...
  5. CrinkleScarf

    Underwareness So yeah, don't know how long this has been a thing, but I thought I might link it for anyone who didn't know about it. I just saw the giant ad-sign in NYC today and had to know where it came from.
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    So a good friend of mine is very much into Lolita, and as she knows about the little girl side of myself, she's offered to have me wear some of her clothes around her. Now, I know very well that cross-dressing is a "thing" for me, at least in my head, and that I eventually want to try it out...
  7. CrinkleScarf

    What Kind of Caretaker Suits You?

    The title "caretaker" is pretty broad in terms of what it could mean. There are daddies, mommies, big sisters, big brothers, doms, and so on and so forth. Not every caretaker is comfortable playing certain roles, but on the other hand, not every little is comfortable with certain caretakers...
  8. CrinkleScarf

    Friends That Converted to AB/DL

    I know this topic has come up in the past, and it's not all that common, but I do know that it does happen in some cases. Have you ever had a friend that found out about your diapers and then eventually grew to like them too? A person very close to me actually found out years before we were...
  9. CrinkleScarf

    It's Been A While

    It's a weird feeling, posting here again. I don't really know what to say, nor do I know what I'm trying to accomplish by coming back here again. Ever since my account was unlocked, I've been curious about how this place has been holding up. When I logged back on, I felt compelled to make an...
  10. CrinkleScarf

    Help Request Can't seem to find it...

    Somebody made a mistake and posted in one of my RPs, but none of us can seem to find the delete button what's up with that?
  11. CrinkleScarf

    Your Opinions?

    So, I recently realized that my local pool sells individual swim diapers for just two bucks, and packs of three for five bucks. I know that swim diapers have terrible absorbency, and even the largest size will probably be pretty tight, but do you think it'd be a good idea to just pick one up as...
  12. CrinkleScarf

    Sissy Stories?

    To be perfectly honest, I haven't seen a single well written sissy story on the Internet as of now. I've been looking for a good one since I found out I was a sissy, yet I never seem to find the ones I'm looking for. Hell, most of the ones I've found just seem to be fap material. Does anyone...
  13. CrinkleScarf

    101st Pinkish Purplish Thread ^_^

    ^_^ I guess this'd be considered a landmark, since the forum's only been open for a few months now. Happy 101st thread everyone! Thanks to the support and ideas of a whole bunch of people, this forum went from an idea to actually existing, and I'm sure it's helped a ton of people so far. Who...
  14. CrinkleScarf

    Cardfight!! Vanguard

    Has anyone gotten into the Vanguard craze yet? I honestly think this game will be the next new thing. I just ordered my deck online! >w< Any other Card Fighters out there?
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    This. How true is this?
  16. CrinkleScarf

    Gender-Bender Anyone?

    For those of us familiar with anime and manga (and some of us who aren't), I'm sure you've herd of the Gender Bender genre. Does anyone else enjoy reading/watching gender bender? I'm lucky enough to actually have a non-*B/DL friend who's into the genre (complete coincidence ^_^; ) who lets me...
  17. CrinkleScarf

    The City Makes Me An Idiot!

    So I was in the city today, going to see The Lion King on my drama club's big trip. Being a New Yorker, it's not like this is my first time ever being in the city; I've gone plenty of times before. I take pride in my understanding of how things work in the world, especially in NYC, and one basic...
  18. CrinkleScarf

    Do you picture yourself as a girl, or a guy in girl's clothing?

    Like the title says, which do you prefer? It really depends on my mood for me. The embarrassment of the latter option is always nice, but my usual default while roleplaying is to just act and be a girl. Both options are really nice though.
  19. CrinkleScarf

    Cuddling with boys, even if you're straight?

    As a sissy, I'm a big fan of being cared for and dominated by a caretaker. While I do have a big sis online, I also have several big brothers that I would like to "play baby" with one day, which would include plenty of cuddles and snuggles. While I'm a straight guy, I really don't feel weird at...
  20. CrinkleScarf

    101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

    Has anyone ever seen the show? I just saw it today, having no idea that it existed about an hour ago, and I gotta say, I'm hooked.