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  1. HappyNappin

    Best UK Supermarket ADULT Pull-Up?

    You'll never guess which German supermarket has just started selling pullups... Will be getting a pack on my way home to try. And some stollen cake, they've got cute Christmas jammies in too, you can't ever just walk out with what you went in for.
  2. HappyNappin

    Drynites design 2021 - Update

    I first started seeing them a month ago, they probably changed to frozen design's at the same time as the medium size but took ages to appear because of how poorly they sell compared with the other sizes. Has anyone seen the big 30 box of 4-7 in Asda recently?
  3. HappyNappin

    SCI supply

    I rarely if ever find Amazon cheeper than buying from a genuine tax paying business.
  4. HappyNappin

    When? Where? How?

    I'm sure if you got all the besana and formacare variety's you could just about make up a rainbow. Certainly orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Can't think of a single adult nappy in red apart from the fabine jeans, yuck.
  5. HappyNappin

    Handmade disposable nappies

    I know exactly what your talking about, I'm unsure of which adult nappies they use as a base but it's just a generic cloth back, so say it cost around 70 pence, the baby nappies are absurdly cheep but 2 are needed, coming to 22 pence, add a little bit of spray adhesive and your around £1 in...
  6. HappyNappin

    Poll: Medium size ABDL diapers need slightly wider wings.

    'Regular' size diapers used to be a thing, a size in between medium and large. I could do with a few inches more length/rise from most mediums, but the top tapes are usually only 2-3 inches apart when fastened, so no hope of any large fitting me tightly
  7. HappyNappin

    Anyone see a way for plastic backed baby nappies to make a return?

    I was scrolling through to post pretty much the same thing. The 'plastic' that the compostable food waste bags are made from is very pleasant and pretty much every other part of an 80s era baby diaper could now be made easily from compostable biodegradable material.
  8. HappyNappin

    Best UK Supermarket ADULT Pull-Up?

    I seem to buy alot of pullups, they just sit there on the shelf taunting me. The only ones on that list I've not actually bought and tried are the current superdrug pants, I know what they are so there's no point. The tena lady pants have just had a minor redesign and I'm desperate to pick up a...
  9. HappyNappin

    Best UK Supermarket ADULT Pull-Up?

    Will run through them in that order. Tesco, made by ontex, there not the best Sainsbury's, made by drylock, pretty decent, cheep too if they fit you. Boots stay dry, made by attends, pullups good but getting pretty expensive. Superdrug, same pullups as Tesco but more expensive, would avoid...
  10. HappyNappin

    Anybody got any pictures of Forma-Care Comfort Slip?

    XL are white aren't they? They would just look like a betterdry
  11. HappyNappin

    Anybody got any pictures of Forma-Care Comfort Slip?

    Any particular variety? I got a few packs from discount medical not long ago, super, extra night and X plus. The X plus are really good, like a lighter absorbency crinklz/betterdry. Extra night I wasn't as keen on, a bit bulky but not really that absorbent and Super where ok, thinner and a...
  12. HappyNappin

    BetterDry has new diaper styles???

    I wonder what these are, I've found some product images by Googling but all adult pullups look pretty much identical. Does it say where it was made on the package? Or just the ever popular made in EU which really doesn't narrow it down much.
  13. HappyNappin

    UK people: do you think Tesco should do adult size nappies?

    That's not how it works here, basically the options are tena, or the shops own brand product, almost always made by ontex. A bag of tena pant super is around £13, and store brand £8 both for 12 pants, a diaper type product is much cheaper to produce than a pullup, and far more user friendly. I'm...
  14. HappyNappin

    DryNites new design (2021)

    The logo always seems to appear on the rendering, ie the artists impression of what the pack should look like but it certainly wasn't always on the package itself.
  15. HappyNappin

    DryNites new design (2021)

    I really need to remember and check if that's the case on the actual packing and not just these renders. These aren't new, there from about 2019 when production moved to Korea.
  16. HappyNappin

    UK people: do you think Tesco should do adult size nappies?

    I see plenty of situations where even if someone was getting products supplied there are alot of advantages to being able to buy a reasonably priced product off the shelf. Go into any Aldi and they are almost always sold out of medium, or more often large adult pullups. Proof if you market a...
  17. HappyNappin

    Thoughts on iD Slip Maxi Prime?

    Maxi prime are only available as cloth backed, but don't have breathable sides which is the worst weakness of most cloth backed nappies. Really like them but the medium are a bit too short on the body and large would be too big round my waist. The equivalent plastic backed nappies would be the...
  18. HappyNappin

    Wetting Position

    I find I've got much more flow control while lying down, standing I have virtually none my bladder will just empty fairly rapidly, with little input. Sitting is a bit better but I sometimes can't get started, and will end up withholding until my bladder is full and then I have a big flood.
  19. HappyNappin

    UK people: do you think Tesco should do adult size nappies?

    I think you can get them from most mobility places, or if your near an age concern charity shop they tend to stock that sort of thing
  20. HappyNappin

    UK people: do you think Tesco should do adult size nappies?

    There is 100% a market for these, it just needs someone to lead the market. Consumers have been lead to believe they want pullups, discreet fashionable pullups, when really a more absorbent product, like a nappy, would be far more useful. But instead there are 2 brands trying to make the...