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    Anyone dislike diapers/wetting themselves?

    Just wondering... I am considering how to start with diapers (I have been interested for a long time but never enough courage to get them/ask for them) and would like to have a sense for both sides of the coin. If there are incontinent folks who don't like diapers... I'd like to hear about why...
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    Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

    So, I'm sure there are plenty of posts asking about which diaper is your favorite but what would anyone recomend for a noob? I haven't worn any yet, so I don't know very much about what I like... here are my suspicions: -I only want to do #1 to start... I'm not even sure I will like that. :\...
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    Uncertain DL

    Hi, I am new here and looking for answers to a variety of questions. I figured searching the site would be the best way to learn, but maybe posting and getting perspectives on particulars would be more expedient. (Plus, there are a lot of things I am not looking for...) I think I like diapers...
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    A Real Intro & LOTS of Questions

    OK, so after asking about why my posts wouldn't show up on the new posts tab... I was informed that I should probably just use the introductions forum to introduce myself. (How novel! =P) I'll try to keep it short. I'm 21 and attending university for music composition. I've lived in 4 states...