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  1. DiaperBadBoy

    Sorry to be that guy...Re-intro again

    I have posted before, but I forgot this sight existed. My name is Patrick. For the 450th time I like to play all kinds of cards games, but Pokémon is my main one. More of a collector, but I have played in tournaments. I love movies, I’m kinda of a movie buff and I love collecting movies and...
  2. DiaperBadBoy

    Instagram ab

    Who has an AB Instagram? Mine is Blackthundah2020.
  3. DiaperBadBoy

    Who wants to be my friend

    I'm looking for friends. I'm an AB daddy to a beautiful baby girl. Please Id like to still et friends and chat
  4. DiaperBadBoy

    Good Morning

    I just wanted to re-introduce myself. My name is Patrick, I'm 28, and am in to diapers and being an AB and DL. I have a small, youtube site. YouTube - DBadBoy10's Channel. If you have any questions, comments. please post them below I was orginal from the DPF area, so if you were in that area, I...
  5. DiaperBadBoy

    Ice BReaker Survery

    I'm sure your sick and tired of all these pointless threads, but maybe this can help. I wanted to do 10 question survey about people and their ABDL fetish. I try to keep it short, because I hate survery's but I keep the questions unique and boring at the same time. 1. What is your basic info...
  6. DiaperBadBoy

    Good Evening Mass AB's

    I was wondering if there are any New England AB's, if so sign in here, please I'd love to get to know you better.
  7. DiaperBadBoy

    Adult Baby Sitting

    I am wondering what your thoughts are on Adult Baby Sitting, would you do it. I just recently had thought about doing it, but no offense it's either gays or sissies. I I have always been asked to baby people, but lots of gay AB's and DL's and sissies too, I get at least one invite a week to...
  8. DiaperBadBoy

    Ethinic Pictures

    This topic was posted on another message board, but I kind of wondering what people thought about black AB's, I mean majority of the AB pictures you find are white and Asian, even Hispanic, but there isn't much out there. As an individual of mixed race, I really don't care who's wearing a...
  9. DiaperBadBoy

    A pacifer that always closes

    AlwaysClean Pacifier Anywa,s this is a pacifer that always closes when it drops out of the babies mouth. I think it's such a great idea, I have one that I bring with my everywhere. (I might not use it all the time, but I do bring it all the time.) This is such a good idea, because pacifers...
  10. DiaperBadBoy

    Pokemon Trainers

    I have noticed there are a lot of people here with Pokemon icon's, I was wondering how many of your play? And if so, do you want to start a Pokemon club on here? if not Pokemon, it can be Anime too. So, what do you think?
  11. DiaperBadBoy

    My introduction, it's very constructive

    So, I'm sitting here thinking what to write, my intro of course at this late of night. This is another forum that I'm apart of, I'm actually excited for which this is another love. Talking about diapers, I feel I should get right too it like a bunch of snipers hitting their targets from the roof...