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  1. adasterix

    Funny how parents ask their kids while toilet training...

    "Do you want to grow up and still be wearing diapers?", but they never listen to the answer. People on this list have a rich variety of motivations, some that even they themselves are not fully aware of. But it strikes me that one motivation is to finally be able to choose, from day to day, how...
  2. adasterix

    Home Video Diapers

    Ahh, you were spared the father with the 8mm (later super-8) movie camera. Funny, nobody seems to think you _have_ to watch the videos, but boy did we _have_ to watch those movies (over and over). A sibling captured them to video several years ago, but I still can't watch them.
  3. adasterix

    The "Peeing Dream" and wetting the bed.

    I've had the "need to pee in the dream but all of the toilets are broken or wierd" dream frequently since I was young. One of the consequences of sleeping in diapers in the last several years is that I have been able to reason (lucidly) that it's OK and I go ahead and pee (even if the damn...
  4. adasterix

    Omg! My mom knows i wear diapers now!!!

    I've mentioned this before, in response to a similar post. It reminds me of a cartoon from several year ago in which a teenager come out to their parents only to get the response "We wondered when you would realize it". Your mom is probably not all that interested in whether you wear (or are...
  5. adasterix

    How did we get so uptight? (Glycerin Suppositories)

    RE: The closing of Glycerin-Suppositories-Help! (Apologies ahead of time for my somewhat testy tone. It isn't entirely intentional.) While I appreciate your concern for the org and I understand your rationale, I'm disappointed that we have gotten so worried that we can't maintain a...
  6. adasterix

    Getting rid of diapers.... The feels

    Never throw anything away that doesn't smell bad or can be cleaned.
  7. adasterix

    I think hypnosis worked?!

    Just to point out that, in general, one doesn't need hypnosis to get to this point. All that one really needs is the confidenece to believe that it's OK. Good diapers and a bed brolly sheet are enough for me. But diapers are a major good thing for me whether I wet them or not. (Maybe that's...
  8. adasterix


    Don't you worry anymore. When life looks like easy street there's danger at the door. If it ain't your Mom at the cash register, there's nothing to worry about. It's only after the nth time they check you out with diapers that they will notice. And then they will assume the best---wouldn't...
  9. adasterix


    When I'm feeling weired out by it, I put one on. I cannot explain the emotional rush that comes over me and it doesn't resolve the fact that it _is_ weired. But the rush overwhelms all of that. Nothing else matters; I just know how I feel and I know it's the way I need to feel now. It is...
  10. adasterix

    Telling significant others that work in health care??

    I spent a few years as an orderly, changing more than a few diapers. I never connected it with my own diaper wearing until now. One important thing to be clear about, your SO changes diapers professionally as part of their job/calling/profession. The fact that you wear diapers does not...
  11. adasterix

    Post-urination dribblage

    It's common and is not necessarily a symptom of impending incontenence. Underwear pads help a lot. Usually you can use the lightest of them.
  12. adasterix

    Diapee Rash prevention and other tips for Newbie to care products.

    Many people like powder, but I'm not sure it is for more than just the smell. Our experience with our kids was that the powder mostly just caked and made an irritating (in all relevant senses) paste. Consequently, I have not had experience with powder on my own. If you use powder, you might...
  13. adasterix

    Plastic Pants Advice?

    This grumpy old man concurs. For durability no plastic pant even comes close to PUL. The ones I have are all made by Gary. I've gotten them either from Adult Colth Diaper or, more recently Angel Fluff. Angel Fluff sells high-back PUL on special order, reason enough to buy from them.
  14. adasterix

    Much improved onesie from ACD

    I just got a new onesie from AdultClothDiaper that is very much improved. In all of the ones I've found before the snaps have been the weak spot. No matter how careful I am, the eventually pull out of the cloth. In some they weren't even set properly in the hem. This one has them set in a...
  15. adasterix

    A new PUL pull up diaper cover.

    With apologies for quoting my own message. (Plus I would suppose you've seen it by now.) But I just posted a pointer to a (maybe the only) source of highback PUL pants in the "What is the best pull-on plastic pant / diaper cover for night use? " thread:
  16. adasterix

    Age of accepting spouse?

    Cottontail (as usual) mostly speaks my mind. I decided, though, that it was better to bring it up before she discovered it. I'd been wearing more and more and wearing cloth, so it was inevitable that she eventually would figure it out. Coming out shows a great deal of trust; being called out...
  17. adasterix

    I have just realized the amazingness of a warm diaper

    Cloth. Unless you wear it while shoveling snow (for example) stays warm forever.
  18. adasterix

    What is the best pull-on plastic pant / diaper cover for night use?

    Angel Fluff has high back PUL pull on pants: Their small gives 17--22 thigh size, 22-36 waist. PUL is comfortable, washes easily and lasts forever. While, technically, the outer layer is cloth, they aren't cloth covered in the sense you...
  19. adasterix

    Just a few thoughts about my relationship to diapers

    The little voice isn't necessarily saying it is wrong, it may be saying it is risky. Even though buying diapers is not usually risky in any real sense, I suspect that almost all of us have had that hyper-alertness until we got used to it. Wearing in public and wearing around family (that don't...
  20. adasterix

    Diapers saved my life

    I recall something like this happening when I was young, probably to a cousin (there were a hell of a lot of them). But that would have been a cloth diaper. I'm not at all sure I would trust my baby's life to a paper diaper in a situation like that. (But you bet I would grab whatever I could.)...