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    Abu plastic backed preschool

    Has anyone tried the new Abu Plastic Backed Preschools? I have tried the cloth.....Are they comparable to Pampers?? My dream diaper....I just want to know if they're worth buying
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    Dependeco purchase

    I'm thinking of trying them for sure. Totally in to disposables but bet they'll be more confortable.
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    Dependeco purchase

    It's looking like I might have to try them. I'm also a plastic disposable guy but willing to explore. They look great! - - - Updated - - - Which way to go.... Cotton, flannel, or PUL???
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    Disposable vs cloth

    Well I might have to try an AIO. Never's good to try something different. Live n learn
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    Disposable vs cloth

    Well I'm not interested in really using them as they're intended. I don't know much about them at all. I was in them I'm sure as I was in the 70's generation. My attraction is disposables but just curious if I'm missing out. I'd love Pampers Baby Dry if they made like a size 10? Haha. Are cloths...
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    Disposable vs cloth

    I really have no desire to wear cloth but maybe that's because I never have.......I've always craved disposable diapers and an very picky on which ones I like. Do cloth diapers give you the awesome feeling that disposables do?? Just curious if they're worth a try.....
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    Trouble Saying it

    Yes I totally know what you mean! The only one that has ever heard me say "diaper" is my fiancé! She's the only one........funny how that is.
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    Super dry kids flaw

    I have some cushies also. Asked ABU if they're were any differences and they told me it was the exact same diaper but with different print. I didn't even have the diaper very tight. Seems the plastic should have more give than to just tear?? Oh n learn. I still like them but it's...
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    Super dry kids flaw

    Well I decided to sleep diapered the other night. Wore a Super Dry Kids diaper. I've loved them so far for play . I woke up and the diaper was torn about in half! Never had this happen before.......what a bummer:-(
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    AWW SO Cute diapers

    Hmmm.....might have to give them a try! Had no idea....
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    AWW SO Cute diapers

    How do they compare to cushies, tena slip? Are they the next best thing to Pampers?? Lol
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    What to wear tonite?

    Well I chose the sdks!! I do like them a lot.......very similar to the cushies......I really like the single tapes.....really feels more like Pampers. All in all the tena slips are probably a much better diaper though. I made a mistake and got the larges and really need mediums:-( live n learn
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    What to wear tonite?

    Thinking of what I may sleep in tonite. Should it be Cushies, Super Dry Kids, Tena Slip, or just skip and be normal?? Haha....hmmmm?
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    Got my first super dry kids

    Well I got my first pack of super dry kids! They are absolutely everything I've been looking for in a diaper! I'm strictly a diaper lover and only care about wearing. They bring me back to simpler stress free times:-) love em
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    Which is more comfortable?

    Depend fitted briefs are a good diaper and feel comfortable....a lot of people don't like them but for my needs (just play and not for use) I like them. A much better diaper is the Tena Slip Maxi if you can find them (very good diaper!)
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    Just Diapers

    Does anyone on here just like diapers and having them on? No wetting or anything else.....just having them on. For me it just feels so good......sometimes sexual and sometimes just makes me feel so innocent and carefree. Takes me from having to feel tough all the time to just innocence.
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    Tried "Proper" Adult Diapers again...still don't like them!

    I agree with the stretchy sides part. I feel that's what adult diapers are lacking in comparing them to the baby diaper feeling that most of us are looking for.
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    best drug store diapers?

    So what you're saying is cvs is no dif than Walgreens? I've heard differently.......which is it?
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    AWESOME night dressing up with my girlfriend :-)

    Well my fiancé knows about my whole diaper thing but chooses not to participate. She says she doesn't want to ruin her image of me. I'm very glad she has at least accepted my interest. Hopefully one day she'll be more accepting and let me wear in front of her or participate. She was kind of...
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    plastic backed baby diapers