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  1. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Booo! I'm back :)

    Booo! I'm back :)
  2. MuddyAlaskanZJ


    Anyone use the wellness superios? Great diapers IMO Also it's great they have a wide refastenable landing strip on the front. I dunno I've never gotten too hooked on any diapers per say except attends but I sure love these superios.
  3. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Do you have depression?

    I have it and sometimes find regressing just to be the only way to cope.
  4. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    ADISC Secret Santa

    I I don't believe I have received anything yet for Secret Santa on here.
  5. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    hope this goes here

    I hope this is the right place to post this if not move this moderator (moo?), Anyway of those of you who are married and have kids who are growing up has any of this become sort of weird? I guess to better explain it I am married and have a 3 year old that currently is in pull-ups and 99%...
  6. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    How would you like your coffee, sir?

    It depends if we are talking Starbucks or Home made. I prefer Starbucks over our local roaster Kaladi Brothers. If Im at Starbucks its either a Venti Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha or a Pepper Mint White Chocolate Mint Mocha or Either of those flavors in a Frappucino. The Wife likes her Rasberry...
  7. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    ADISC Secret Santa

    FIrst of all I had Roxus so you my friend are going to receive........ A Genuine Talking/Smoking Toby The Robot Toy which I had from my childhood sorry I couldn't figure out how to get the picture on here but here is the link for the Robot...
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    ADISC Secret Santa

    im in
  9. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    What do you aspire to in 2011?

    Get a new real job with benefits, save money, get my damn infected finger paid off(ER Bills, DR Bills,etc) get my damn car fixed, buy a new gun or 2, buy some new diapers-bambinos,attends, and some new pacifiers,get out and do stuff this summer
  10. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    What are you thankful for?

    friends who have stood by me through thick and thin, family who have supported me immensely specially my parents, and my wife for not killing me YET, and sites like ADISC for everything for in different ways has helped me learn new things about my baby side in more then one way and its taught me...
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    Are you an Alchoholic?! Well this ones for you!

    hey we have salmon flavored vodka up here in alaska
  12. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    What would everyone want for Christmas? (Little wants, not just in general.)

    1. Some More Attends preferably a case of them, and some bambinos 2. A Nuk Size 5? (The big ones) 3. Legos 4. Playmobile
  13. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Anyone been thru the TSA lately?

    I haven;t flown in ages but for me im screwed I HAVE to fly pretty much because living in ALASKA we have no way to get to the states but by airplane pretty much. If I lived in the lower 48 probably like 98% of the people on here I would consider driving or other form of transport but next time I...
  14. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Pilots and Aviation Buffs - Are you a pilot or love aviation?

    I love aviation, prb will never fly, but love traveling in airliners and have interest in airliners and beavers and otters I think? Oh that and I used to work as a ramp agent for two diff companies
  15. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Positive things about being pregnant

    Congrats on the baby! I have a three year old boy and can't wait to get my wife pregnant again when we can afford a kiddo. This time hoping for a daughter
  16. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Depends Fitted Maximum Protection

    i like them that the tapes stay since i like my diaper on tight but it does suck that you cant really flood them and they do leak but i do love them to pieces also attends i like since i cant afford bambinos and in ak we are sorta limited to what we have in our stores up here in Anchorage...
  17. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    When padded, in what position do you generally sleep in?

    100% on my tummy which is how I sleep anyway.
  18. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Depend fitted maximum protection

    not completely I don't mind the fitted maximum protection, they fit better on me then the attends do I think even though I enjoy both, can't wait to try Bambinos!
  19. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Being Changed

    I'm going to have to chime in and say I would do anything at this point to be changed 100% of the time. It won't ever happen but its a dream come true for me it it were ever to happen.
  20. MuddyAlaskanZJ

    Being Changed

    I would much rather be changed my my wife or diaper kitten AKA MommyKat on her website either would be a come true and neither is a reality for me unfortunately :(