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    How Fit is Adisc?

    So lets see, how fit is adisc? What is your resting heart rate? (yes I know this isnt a perfect test and things can alter it for some reason or another but its a pretty good gage) My resting heartrate is 58 BPM
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    My Dog wears diapers?

    Anyway So recently my 13 year old dog has developed a bit of an Incontinent problem So she is in diapers at night, and when we are gone for long periods of time. So i just had to go to the store and buy a bunch of doggie diapers...some disposable and some cloth. Anyway just finding the...
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    Computer help?

    Not sure if this is the right fourm, but here goes So For a while I've been having some problems with booting up my computer.. Whenever I turn it on it says there was a boot problem and won't start up properly. I then have to go into safe mode with networking, and if i restart from there I am...
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    How many people buy diapers?

    I was wondering, how many people buy diapers regularly do you think, for whatever purpose. I only ask because within 3 sq. miles of my house there must be at least 8 stores that sell them, (depends or cvs/walgreen, nothing good) and I mean they MUST sell them because its common knowlage, if a...
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    Girls Goodnites, old style still

    I recently Went to take advantage of the sale at walgreens and bought some girls goodnites...i got girls because rumor is they are better for older boys... anyways, when i opened the package i saw that they are not the redesigned ones, but the older style, that are more crinkly and what not...
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    DLism- is it genetic?

    Just something iv been wondering about for a awhile, i am a DL and was kinda wondering how i got that way. I know people who are ABs are sometimes that way because they had to grow up to fast or soemthing along those lines/ However i am just a DL, and i have always just wanted to wear...
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    Hi there

    Hi, im orcanels new here, as you can see, just a teenager that has a diaper fetish. I am a DL only, not AB or anything. I am a highschool student, from california. In my free time (isnt a whole lot anymore) i like to hang out with friends. One of my main hobbies is music, and i am lead...