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  1. HappyNappin

    NHS continence clinic self referral.

    As per title, has anyone in the UK been able to 'drop in' to an incontinence clinic for a check up, tests or diagnosis? I know normally you would need to see a GP first. What are the clinic's like? Do you just talk to a nurse, or do they give you a sheet to fill out, etc. I'm getting...
  2. HappyNappin

    UK plastic backed nappies, So much choice.

    I'm on the search for a new daytime / 24/4 nappy. There's absolutely loads to pick from. A medical one, I'm not including abdl nappies here, the short list is a fairly long one, there's still alot of plastic backed nappies on the market, here goes, Attends Slip regular plus Attends Slip active...
  3. HappyNappin

    Trying to stop, temporarily

    Has anyone got advice for trying to go nappy free after being 24/7 for long periods. I'm currently on day 3 without nappies and I'm not enjoying it at all, I feel like I'm going to the toilet really frequently to pee, and using absorbent underwear to handle the dribbles, which are nice,, but...
  4. HappyNappin

    Cruisers 360 size 7

    I noticed meijer have these on there website along with little movers size 7 and the new goodnites sizes. I wonder how they will compare size wise with ninjamas, they must be fairly similar in size to the s/m.
  5. HappyNappin

    Coming Soon? Pampers Baby-Dry Size 8

    I know this only applies to those in the uk with an interest in baby sized nappies, but today I noticed asda has baby dry for sale in new packaging. This was only on the 100 pack or size 3, with 'air channels' but there is a new size chart and it looks like p&g are having a major shake up of...
  6. HappyNappin

    Bug Report Editing on mobile skin

    Hi i know this is a known issue where any attempt to edit a post in the mobile skin will lead to the accidental pressing of the oversized delete post button, i don't know if this issue is unique to androids using chrome, but would it be possible to do away with the edit button on the mobile skin...
  7. HappyNappin

    Should I get help?

    First of, this is my first post to the ic forum, I'm not at the point where i see myself as physically incontinent, not yet anyway, my question relates more to psychological dependence on protection. Backstory, I have been wearing nappies daily/nightly for around 5 years now, the longest ive...
  8. HappyNappin

    New uk pampers sizes for 2017

    There finally here, size 7 baby dry! Size 6 premium protection (swaddlers) Active fit pants...
  9. HappyNappin

    Diaper Miles ?

    Well I think we've all heard of food miles, how far any particular piece of food we eat has came from wherever it was grow, caught, culled, etc. Well, how far have you're diapers came? I know alot of the world views europian diapers as being superior and imports them, here in Europe we can buy...
  10. HappyNappin

    Advice on ordering online,

    I know this one pops up all the time but I could be doing with words of wisdom. Recently I've really been after some better nappies, the local chemist I used to be able get tena flex from is seemingly not stocking mediums anymore, so I had a look online and found, they have...
  11. HappyNappin

    TENA, Maxi or Super ?

    I first noticed that my local pharmicy started selling tena flexies over the summer and bought a pack of 21 flex maxis in late august, they where GREAT, Thick, Soft, Quiet, Thirsty and the would swell up really niceley which felt all squidgy and babyish, All in all i loved them, BUT and hears...
  12. HappyNappin

    Womens Footie Sleeper, in PRIMARK

    Was out shopping today with my mum at the EK shopping centre, pretty sad i know. When we walked into britains least ethical clothes shop, i was like :eek: There greeting me just as i whent in the door was a whole rack of womans size blanket sleepers :D. They where either light pink and white or...