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    Does Age Regressing Cheer You up When You're Sad.

    And is safer / healthier then say going to the bar and drinking.
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    Going Full Baby

    I have a open ranch atm, 3 bedrooms, a decent living room / great room then the standard kitchen / dinning area. I'm constantly looking at real estate (which seems to be over priced here in NJ) While I love my house and property (semi private, surrounded by woods on 3 sides) I would love to get...
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    Daddy doesn’t baby me enough

    Ahhh, I see.. I think the best advice is to have a open conversation of expectations for both of you, or you can surprise him on studio days by coming into the room wearing a wet diaper that was filled with warm sink water and see were that goes.
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    Does Age Regressing Cheer You up When You're Sad.

    I like the comforting effects to, wearing a diaper that's snug is like a constant hug, a onesie or sleeper regresses me almost instantly and I feel like the world melts around me, it also helps me to disconnect from my issues and clear my head out.
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    Alexander's Summer

    Great job!!! While reading this I started to slip into little space, I’m still wearing my soft cotton sleeper and diaper, I started seeing the colors of the rooms, felt the warmth, experienced the scents of powder and everything, truly amazing so far.
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    Sleeping with a diaper on

    I've been sleeping in diapers every night for at least 5 years now, things now are totally opposite, if I'm not wearing a diaper I generally don't sleep well. It gets real easy to do, for me I was really hyper sensitive in the beginning (being a life long DL) I would wake myself up from feeling...
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    Daddy doesn’t baby me enough

    Ask yourself this, what do you do for your daddy? When your in littles mode (not space) what is your daddy doing? Is he doing house chores, did he just come home from work and is exhausted only to do laundry or the dishes? Being a care taker takes a huge devotion of time, and when your partner...
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    Abu original simple diapers, the ultras are thinner but swell a lot more and can hold more.
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    Wanting to die.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your father and the other trauma in your life, your still grieving my friend and there is no time limit on that. About 5 years ago I lost one of my best friends / co-workers to a sudden heart attack, he was middle age (hereditary condition) and coupled...
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    Feeling harassed at work

    So the supervisor isn't being vulgar, or making remarks to you on a personal level, he's just micro managing you? You get that anywhere you go, I've had my same job for just over 13 years, countless amounts supervisors / managers have come and gone by my desk, only had a hand full that were...
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    Advice for a struggling fiance of a abdl partner

    I hate to be that guy, but she would have been gone long ago between the drug use and with holding sex as punishment, there are better people out there for you, she sounds like a vindictive person that is stubborn... sorry but no changing that and it will only lead to further heart break down...
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    Rearz Barnyard

    That’s the rough for me to, I don’t like the fem colors, I’m a dude and like my dude colors
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    Increase the chances of having involuntarily accidents.

    I always try to stay hydrated through out the day, atleast 75oz of water minimum 8/9 glasses a day, I’ve been doing that because it helps with my gym lifestyle and also suppresses appetite. The benefit is that I pee all the time. Since I’ve been wearing diapers for fun the better part of...
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    Love everything about plastic backed 4 Tab adult diapers

    I to indulge almost every day and def all nights, except I don’t avoid social situations anymore. When I get home I usually put on a thinner diaper like a abu preschool, sdk, or tykables waddler, in the evening I change into a thicker overnight and stay in that until my morning shower. On the...
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    Increase the chances of having involuntarily accidents.

    I worked out in the yard all day yesterday and literally drank a gallon of water in about a 8 hour time frame, I didn't really pee a lot but when I did, it was clear so I did stay hydrated enough, the key when consuming a lot of liquids is timing and balance, you can drink a ton of water but its...
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    Shaving downstairs.

    I shave twice a week, and have been bare for at least 4 years, everything gets the razor and after a while there are no more ingrown hairs or itchy spots, your skin will change and things get way easier.
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    Anybody here strictly use baby diapers and goodnights for booster?

    I was thinking about getting some size 3's or 4's for additional padding, rather then cut slits into the diaper I can just position the smaller baby diaper so when it gets full it will just leak from the rear waist band into the larger ab diaper. Does any one do it like this? If so what size do...
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    Stuffers for number 2 - no for the faint at heart

    So I'm using these in a peekaboo diaper and did a #2, what a different experience, very different feeling and I kind of like it so far.
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    Abena L4 Slip - What’s Happened?!

    I bought my first bag of abena M4 11-12 years ago, these were the cats meow of diapers back then, sadly its just been down hill from there, I had 2-3 great years with abena then the product turned to crap, the milestone was when in the US they switched from plastic outer shell to cloth like...