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  1. MixerOp

    Not a steal, but looking for a good deal.

    So the wife has said I can spend some money (again) on some more diapers. (We both sign off on larger purchases). I've used Abena M4s, A+, ATN's, and some more premium diapers. I kind of like ATN's - and I'm seeing them for a 96 ct case @ about $80. Does anyone know of better deals / or a...
  2. MixerOp

    I don't think anyone else has asked this...

    So as I have kids, I'm trying to make sure that they don't come across my indulgence. Now, at their age, they probably wouldn't understand or remember. But, if they were older... There have been a few posts about kids finding out. I'm curious if any members (of here) remember any clues or more...
  3. MixerOp

    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Are In-Stock!

    Adam, you and your posse did a good job again. They graciously sent me 3 color samples. I tried one, which was very comfy and held a heavy wetting and a half. Unfortunately i had to ditch it at 4 hours in, because I think it would have held more. They also sent me 2 mega maxs, which made me...
  4. MixerOp


    So, certain diapers have a hard time staying up on me. They tend to slip down due to my belly shape. So I've tried different ideas to keep them up - onesies, boxer briefs. Some boxer briefs even slip down on me. So I got some underwear suspenders (hence underspenders). I'm currently using them...
  5. MixerOp

    So... Can't seem to find, in the Midwest USA

    It's sometimes encouraging to see people find great thrift store deals. But I can't find any. Anyone live in the Midwest USA and ever seen good thrift store deals?
  6. MixerOp


    I read, yesterday, that crowds in Times Square are so packed for New Years Eve that you can't get out. So a lot of adults wear adult diapers for it. Has anyine else read this? Or can someone confirm this? Stay padded, my friends, MixerOp
  7. MixerOp

    Comparison help needed.

    So I'm wondering about Northshore PullUps. Curious as to what the difference is between GoSupreme and FlexSupreme. Has anyone tried both of them? Which one is better? How do they compare to a Depends RealFit? (And yes, Slomo, I know anything Depends sucks, and I should spend more money to get...
  8. MixerOp

    Could have been caught at work...

    Been wearing to work occasionally, for a while. And today we have a 105* heat index. So when I did my second wetting (with some tighty whiteys holding things in place) I had a leak. It pushed the leak up and out, which wickered down my crotch on the outside. I should have been caught. But I was...
  9. MixerOp

    Risky day ahead of me.

    So I occasionally wear to work. Currently, my stash is of ATN's. And I wear suspenders, everyday, with my work pants. Well, today, I forgot my suspenders, due to starting earlier. Hopefully, my pamts don't show today. The risk is a little exciting, but I really don't want my coworkers to...
  10. MixerOp

    17 hours? Wow!

    So I heard a story of an airline studying the habits of its passengers. There was one flight that was 17 hours long. Apparently, he didn't get up from his seat, even once. I can only think, he had to be wearing protection. I wonder what, though.
  11. MixerOp

    What some people don't know...

    The other day, I wore to work a thin pullup cloth diaper. Someone commemted on how I was walking funny. "Maybe I was wearing a pad or something." (A lot of jokes about guys being girls and whatnot). Well, nothing came of it. But today, I'm wearing a Bambino UltraStretch, and nobody seems to...
  12. MixerOp

    A nervous but exciting day...

    So I've had some Bambino UltraStretch diapers. I'm wearing one, today, with slightly tighter pants than I thought. So, there's that chance someone might suspect something. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to force my DL on others. But that risk of finding out is a bit of a turn on, for me...
  13. MixerOp


    I got my order of Bambino Blanco UltraStretch, on Friday. I usually wear only at work. So I wore one yesterday, and I'm wearing another, today. I having just a little trouble getting the tabs (tapes-kind of) set right. But the capacity- oh wow. I only got three small wetting in, yesterday. So...
  14. MixerOp

    Back at it.

    Well, this probably won't get much notice, but I'm excited and I need to shout this. I took a little break from the disposables. I had some cloth all-in-ones that I would wear as thick underwear. But I recently ordered a bunch of ATNs. Diapers use to be very sexual for me, but I had lost the...
  15. MixerOp

    Quick question...

    I couldn't find a post about this... What is a hybrid diaper?
  16. MixerOp

    Tranquillity SmartCore

    Does anyone know about these? LLMedico says there just a little less capacity than ATN's. I forgot to see if they are plastic backed... Any comments...? And yes Slomo, I know you suggest expensive premium are better.
  17. MixerOp

    Sad face...

    Wearing my last diaper today. Don't know when I'm going to order more. Today, its an Attends waistband.
  18. MixerOp

    Changing locations

    So, being in a concrete mixer truck (we call 'em ready mix trucks), I don't always have a good place to change. Yesterday, I found that a sitting wetting had me leaking out the top of my diaper. I was just getting done with a load, and done washing down. I felt the wet spot. Where I washed down...
  19. MixerOp


    Well, I put on an absorbency plus l, this morning. Flooded it while brushing my teeth. It was a pretty heavy wetting, and that got me thinking about capacity. XP medical has a real nice review page describing preformances of different diapers. Has anyone else done or seen this (besides XP medical)?
  20. MixerOp

    Working Saturday

    So working on Saturday with another rearz seduction on. One wetting already. Had to unbutton the onesie - the snaps were digging into my thighs. Hope it doesn't sag too much and leak. 😀