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  1. Traemo

    Tips, Tricks, Life Hacks for changing someone else?

    Pretty much what the title says, having a bit of an issue with changing my little and getting the diaper properly fitted so it doesn't leak so much. At this point, I'm not assuming anything I know is relevant or accurate, so have at.
  2. Traemo

    Suggestion New Forum: Non-English

    While they're clearly not the majority, there is a nontrivial number of members here whose English isn't quite conversational. I propose the creation of a new forum specifically to address this, specifically a forum where the rule concerning only English is relaxed. The intent is to add...
  3. Traemo

    Suggestion Discord Lecture Series

    Something that occurred to me while in voice chat the other night: a channel for having designated experts speak on their subjects could be created and such talks scheduled for the members. The way I see the mechanics of the channel working are the creation of the new role, Speaker, which would...
  4. Traemo

    Question about Snuggling

    Something I've been losing the odd hour of brain time thinking about: can you successfully have to two people snuggling each other and plushies at the same time? And how does that work on a practical level?
  5. Traemo


    The problem, as it happened, was that Michael really was an attractive sort of fellow. So, when Julie suggested Kevin catch her set during Open Mike Night at the Student Center, he was more than happy for the distraction. The problem of Michael’s charm had plagued Kevin since the start of...
  6. Traemo

    IRC Straw Poll

    Just a quick, anonymous poll to check on a few things. Please respond to the poll, don't really need to respond with a post.
  7. Traemo

    IRC Channel

    #ADISC is a wonderful channel: populous, active, full of life . . . prone to ignoring people in need, losing them in the shuffle of all the active commenting. ADISC remains a Support community - ignoring those in need of advice or just an ear isn't like us at all. No one questions that ADISC...
  8. Traemo

    Suggestion Privacy Settings on Photo Galleries

    I was looking at the available privacy settings for my photo albums. At the moment there are two: Friends only or Everyone. I think that an intermediate setting might be appropriate, something along the lines of Logged-In Users. If possible, I think this would be a good addition because it...
  9. Traemo

    Self (Mostly not ABDL)

    There is some subtle ABness in here, but mostly not. Also, I might turn this into a series if there's enough interest (in inspiration). As always, resemblance is accidental, the views and opinions of any character is not necessarily the one I have/hold. The problem, as it happened, was that...
  10. Traemo

    Bug Report Member List

    I was searching for a specific member using the Member's List, the long one with everyone on it. I was unable to locate the entry for that profile, but I can reach the profile through the links on any one of the member's posts.
  11. Traemo

    Bug Report Unable to Access Full Reputation Report

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Browser: Chrome 16.0.912.75 m I can view my most recent reputation. When I click the link to the full report, I get an error message telling me that I need to level up before I can access that page. My understanding is that I should be able to see all of my reputation.
  12. Traemo

    Suggestion Additional IRC Channel

    I have noticed that political debate does arise in #adisc, frequently creating a large number of messages in a short period of time. Not everyone is interested in political debate, of the specific or more academic nature, and such debate can easily overwhelm other chatters. My thought is...
  13. Traemo

    Suggestion Start Times for Threads

    Up until recently, when I looked at new posts, there was a line under the thread name saying how long ago it had been started. Once that reached a few days, I think, it switched over to a start date. I'm not sure why I no longer see this information; I tried looking through settings to see if I...
  14. Traemo

    Forum Exclusions Not Working

    1. Your operating system: Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3 2. Your screen resolution:1024x768 3. Your browser: Firefox 5.0 (3.6.6) 4. Exactly what page (URL) you were on when the problem occurred: New Posts link from Header ( 5...
  15. Traemo


    Somewhat to my discomfort, I find I need to actually introduce myself . . . I had hoped to get more time figuring out the mores and customs here . . . . Honestly, I'm not very comfortable talking about myself, especially out of the blue like this . . . One supposes relevant facts could cover my...