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    Bambino Classico, Bianco, and Teddy Advanced Diaper Review

    I actually have a pre-2016 Teddy on right now. They had such a good product, it’s a shame they decided to start cutting corners. Good thing a still have three bags left.
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    Summary Data for Advanced Diaper Reviews (April 2020)

    This is impressive stuff. I’m very curious to see how the “medical” diapers fare in these tests. I’m especially interested to see how the Tena Slips perform because high SAP ratios seen to fare well in the saline tests (and we all know how Tena Slips swell). Also I’d love to see what your...
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    Road Trip Diapers!

    I'm going to be driving somewhere far away and would like to keep stops to a minimum. I was wondering what the best diaper would be for sitting in a car for an extended period. I'd like something that won't leak easily while sitting, but is still reasonably discreet when I'm out of the car (i.e...
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    Hey everybody.

    Really here more for research into diapers for my GF (when I get one).