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  1. captainpollution

    Drinking and diapers

    I didn't start drinking until I was 21. I was swimming up at a lake and a family friend misplaced his boat keys. I found them by accidentally stepping on them in the sandy bottom. As a reward, he gave me a beer. I drank it and it ran right through me. I couldn't stop. Then my friends invited me...
  2. captainpollution

    How many of you like to mess?

    When the mood strikes... :rolleyes: It can be pretty awesome to mess in my diaper
  3. captainpollution

    Preparing lunches

    I work two jobs currently and I don't have a very regular schedule. I sometimes get lunch breaks when I work full shifts. At either location there is usually a lounge with a refrigerator and sometimes there is a microwave. I've always had trouble packing lunch; not because of any actually...
  4. captainpollution

    New ABU Lavender diaper

    I actually happened to really like the ABU Sissy Diaper a great deal and to see it disappear disappointed me a lot. :( I am SO glad they are reviving an effeminate-looking diaper based on a new design. Hopefully, like Cottontail said, the print is much larger. What would be awesome is if ABU...
  5. captainpollution

    Wear, wet or mess?

    All three, baby!
  6. captainpollution

    Great business idea

    I went to the YMCA by my house yesterday and a great idea dawned on me. Someone needs to start up an AB/DL/IC friendly recreational center. First, there would ideally be a fully operational fitness/exercise facility. Some companies advertise their business as 'judgment free; what a crock...
  7. captainpollution

    Forgetting you weren't wearing a diaper

    It happened to me when I went to bed drunk, twice.
  8. captainpollution

    Do you poop?

    I'll pee in my diapers most of the time, but when I have a grand opportunity to mess, I'll take it. :cool:
  9. captainpollution

    What's your sexuality (or lack there of)?

    Heteroflexible, or maybe bi. I don't know...but I'm definitely hetero-romantic.
  10. captainpollution

    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Not a little, but I'm an Aspie
  11. captainpollution

    Any other boys enjoy wearing girl daipers? Or vice versa?

    This is the age where gender roles begin to solidify, unfortunately. :(
  12. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    Exactly. I was paralyzed with fear. I was extremely relieved when the cops showed up. - - - Updated - - - Apparently, the mechanic told me that the whole pipe had rusted, broke off the manifold, was eating away at the catalytic converter and spreading to the back. - - - Updated - - - I want...
  13. captainpollution

    Any other boys enjoy wearing girl daipers? Or vice versa?

    I struck gold when I found several packages of Girl Goodnites from 2008 at a grocery store just this past August. Apparently they were so high-priced compared to other places that they failed to sell and the manager never reordered them. Lucky for me–I still have one package available. :biggrin...
  14. captainpollution

    Any other boys enjoy wearing girl daipers? Or vice versa?

    While I like gender-neutral ones, I just love wearing girl diapers. :wub: They look so cute and feminine and I feel so subversive wearing them. What gets me is that they're so sickeningly cute and innocent looking, and then your, erm, activities... tarnish that cuteness. :giggles: In fact...
  15. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    Yeah, seriously. There was already miscellaneous junk and stuff in there anyway. The people down the street were redoing the interior of the house. Clearly, she's got issues. During the entire 20 minute spat, she was alternating in between being reasonable and verbally abusive, something I...
  16. captainpollution


    They made them more stretchier. But their capacity is somewhat diminished.
  17. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    I was shaking uncontrollably trying to reason with that hostile, horrible old lady. :sad: I almost feel like I have to leave my city...
  18. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    So, today I decided to take inventory of my stash, which is at a storage facility. (I still live with my parents) I get what I need, I take a few, and then I make my way back home. I finally get off the freeway. Then there is a big problem. My car's muffler has rusted off completely, and it's...
  19. captainpollution

    Why No AB/DL Pull Ups?

    I cannot wait for this to become a reality
  20. captainpollution

    AB Universe shipping again- A shipping tale

    Ugh. I was wondering the same. I think I've resigned buying anything from them for a while. It's too bad, but I really can't deal with a company with such major issues. However, I'm looking forward to the Snuggies :D