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  1. FoxyFreia

    Masking diaper/urine smell

    Masking the smell of used diapers (only urine) I am wondering how you guys try to mask the smell, is it possible? Living home with my parents, I can only take my bag of diapers out every few days. Those few days and the summer heat make it enough already for the piercing smell urine develops to...
  2. FoxyFreia


    Did you just put a strip of fabric in to give extra length? (like...snip the straps, sew them back together with an extra bit of fabric connecting them?) Or...? Looks interesting!
  3. FoxyFreia


    Money is a bit the problem here... I know I could source way cheaper materials to make several bibs. I am willing to put an effort in it, but the budget is tight.
  4. FoxyFreia

    AB/DL drawing attempt #1

    I made a quick drawing of a cute little girl getting caught in her diaper with her blankie plushie. This is the first time I made a full body AB/DL drawing. Drawing: Thoughts/suggestions?
  5. FoxyFreia


    I like to crawl around my bedroom and go upstairs on my hands and feet, but my knees get a little sore after a while. I'm planning on ordering a really cheap pair of knee protectors, the ones they use for playing volleyball. (They were 2-3 dollars, but totally not cute :v)
  6. FoxyFreia


    I'm looking forward to learning about your technique Angelic. Also for the bibs, that's a great idea. I'm still on vacation for the next few days, so I'm using those to gather ideas. I'll be trying it out when I get home and post if successful. And the men's onesie might work for me as I'm...
  7. FoxyFreia

    Computer games for little time.

    I'd highly recommend some older ds games. They're easily playable on emulators now, but way more fun on the ds. There's my sims party, bratz ponyz 2, good old mario kart, rayman tv and a bunch of games in which you take care of animals. For the pc there's at least one littlest petshop game...
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    Unfortunately I can't private message yet as I just joined today after looking around for quite some time... Is there any other way you can show me?
  9. FoxyFreia


    I've been on the lookout for any adult sized patterns for rompers, mittens, onesies, bibs... but no luck so far I don't yet own anything, or I maybe could have used that as a reference. I've done quite some intermediate sewing so far, so any patterns/tips would be great! As for diys, anything...