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  1. Traemo

    Tips, Tricks, Life Hacks for changing someone else?

    The biggest issue, at the moment, seems to be just getting the placement right (not too far forward or back, not too far off to one side of the other), followed by making sure the tapes are tight enough Changing surfaces have varied, but most of the time it's on a firm mattress at about waist height
  2. Traemo

    Tips, Tricks, Life Hacks for changing someone else?

    Pretty much what the title says, having a bit of an issue with changing my little and getting the diaper properly fitted so it doesn't leak so much. At this point, I'm not assuming anything I know is relevant or accurate, so have at.
  3. Traemo

    Any RVA ABDLs, Caregivers, Littles

    Be surprised if there isn't at least one munch/meet-up in the DMV, too
  4. Traemo

    Ostracized and cyber bullying on abdl Reddit sub.

    Particularly being active duty; people can be plain cruel. And they have no mercy when processing SF-86s; anything that might be sus will be looked into. I'd strongly suggest any military members of any type have second, unconnected account for posting to kink and fetish communities. That said...
  5. Traemo


    Crypto's cool, personally I like AES, be happier if they'd implement a 1024-bit variant though This is is true of all currencies, there's nothing unique here - just use of contemporary tools
  6. Traemo

    Mature Topics: what do you want to see?

    You know my thoughts, and I'll again float the idea of a Politics forum to match the Sex Forum
  7. Traemo

    A Quick Question

    More complicated answer, is the * borrowed from some search syntax systems: mostly commonly * is interpreted as any number of additional characters. As an example, *nt would return Ant, Ent, AUnt, BRILLIAnt, but not GEntLE or PAntRY. Usually ? is used as the single character wildcard, meaning...
  8. Traemo

    Board games on the Xbox one.

    Quick game, must be planning on using the simplified rules Don't have an X-Box One (yet), but I do know many of physical card/board games have relatively undemanding PC versions; I expect many of them are also available for console. Naturally, most of them are a bit more fun with others, but...
  9. Traemo

    How to handle questionable artwork (Warning: serious subject matter)

    At the risk of getting mischaracterized: there's a difference between pedophilia (mostly a mental health thing) and actual abuse (actively doing things). And I don't think we do anyone any good by conflating the two or insisting the former inevitably leads to the later. And any attempt to...
  10. Traemo

    Article: Teacher humiliates her first graders: Pupils punished with diapers - parents appalled by "sadistic" methods

    A little more education and you find out those are, literally, the Latin words for right and left (as in directions); and they should up in a number of different fields (organic chemistry, for instance)
  11. Traemo

    Vegan Formula?

    It is actually possible to get a balanced diet while remaining strictly vegan. It's not easy, nor is it likely to be inexpensive to do, but it is possible to manage. Offhand, I want to say the most common issues are a lack of B12, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium. There are others, but those I know need...
  12. Traemo

    Vegan Formula?

    I suppose it's possible someone manufactures an explicitly vegan line of baby products. However, it seems quite unlikely to me. Actual infants and small children don't have terribly large stomachs but they do have a massive need for a wide variety of nutrients. I suspect it is possible to create...
  13. Traemo

    What Prodigy level are you on?

    Have to agree there; then again, last math class I sat was DIfferential Equations so . . . .
  14. Traemo

    Why are people against adding "easy mode" to some games?

    The biggest factor is elitism - "I'm totally skilled at this thing, I earned The Stuff. It's not fair if people get The Stuff without having to be good like me." And I get that, it took me a lot of time, effort, and work to get my Halo ranks up to 40, 45. Last time I checked, I'd clocked...
  15. Traemo

    What video games do you play?

    I've been playing a lot of Halo:MCC on PC recently; also, Stellaris and Hades
  16. Traemo

    AB/DL Wiki?

    I think the answer here is restricting editing to registered users. Restrict page creation and unmoderated editing to users who meet a threshold such such as number of edits or length of time registered.
  17. Traemo

    Talking like a toddler? (Like a toddler accent...?)

    Another thing to consider is the difficulty in properly articulating certain phonemes; this is the reason why at a certain age they might ask to "pway" instead of "play". There are a number of resources about this phenomenon available. In terms of learning words, there's an interesting...
  18. Traemo

    Any tabletop or board game players?

    Not sure I've heard of that one; got a link or something?
  19. Traemo

    Any tabletop or board game players?

    I'm running a non-D&D tabletop RPG over Discord right now, thought it's not nearly as smooth as over an actual table. If I could, I'd be playing more board games with people; particularly like card-based games like Tanto Cuore, The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, or the various flavors of...
  20. Traemo

    Learning piano

    Don't I know it; one the family friends is the music director/organist for our local Episcopal church. Great guy, very passionate about music as a whole, still learning new instruments, and going on 80. I'll second the Alfred thing; though, I've also had decent luck with the Bastien series of...