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  1. plhg

    Buying AB Stuff - recommendations

    Here's an obscure one for you...Calino! I've ordered one of their sleepers and found it to be well made and authentically babyish...they make them for infants as well. They run a tad small, but these are very high quality products...
  2. plhg

    what is your favorite diaper tv ad??

    Pampers...Forever Young! h++p://
  3. plhg

    Vintage Diapers

    Thanks for that link! I'll be ordering some. Also, take a moment to read the reviews...there seems to be an INTEREST in bringing back plastic outer covers...if only some of our members could express there reviews as well :).
  4. plhg

    whats the best diaper

    Multiple Attends for comfort, bulk, enjoyment. Bambino with multiple Pampers 6's and plastic pants for bomb proof wetting protection.
  5. plhg

    your time management

    I only wear when I'm in the mood. I do not wear at work. I enjoy wearing in public, but discreetly and when I would be least likely to run into someone I know. I TRY to set boundaries so I can control the habit, so it doesn't control me. This is easier said than done. I'm very aware that...
  6. plhg

    What's your favorite drink to make you wet?

    Water and diet soda...alternating and in fairly quick succession
  7. plhg

    how do you feel when you used a diaper

    Content and well absorbed in whatever I'm doing
  8. plhg

    Things, ideas, words, situations, that make you laugh inside because your a DL.

    The new Pamperin commercial... OMG funny and babyish looking women. There must be an ABDL on that commercial design team somewhere. Plus I laugh knowing that I do not fear becomming incontinent like most people I suspect might.
  9. plhg

    first time in awhile

    Good to hear from you! If you can spare a few minutes we'd like to hear a little bit about your story, who you are, and that sort of thing... I know it's hard, I finally did it after several years of lurking here. There's a thread for introductions in the public forum.
  10. plhg

    When did accept yourself?

    Prior to my wife and I getting married. I felt a huge sense of relief after she and I had several heart-to-hearts about me being a DL and her totally accepting me. I didn't REALLY accept this character quality of mine until she accepted it as just who this guy she loves really is. So maybe...
  11. plhg

    Do you prefer plastic covered disposable diapers? Good news then...

    It really worried me when the "cloth like cover" thing came about as it sounds like many of you felt the same. As a DL I'm in to the whole feel of the plastic both when I touch the diaper and the feeling of the soft, warm, thick plastic sensation on the insides of my thighs when I'm wearing...
  12. plhg

    Waist size question.

    Yes! All Bambino's I find wonderful to wear and they hold up well. I regularly use a diaper cover with them, such as a velcro PUL diaper cover or pull up waterproof pants.
  13. plhg

    Does anyone else use baby powder when diapering?

    I do about 25%. Works great and smells terrific!!!
  14. plhg

    better diapers than depends?

    In 2011, no. The Depends Max NOW is actually a decent diaper. If by "store" you mean like chain store (Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, etc.). There are other "stores" like specialized pharmacies, home health care vendors, and so on. Especially in California you can order, or just go in a...
  15. plhg

    Diapers always leaking out the back

    I might suggest something like this for you
  16. plhg

    So does anyone use a diaper for the practicality of it?

    Good question. I do wear discreetly in public, but rarely. I have dreams about wearing them in public all the time like everyone was cool with it and there were diaper stores all over the place. I have worn on long drives and flights and used them as "protection". Looking back there were...
  17. plhg

    what diapers you wore growing up.

    Cloth and plastic pants as a legitimate baby. Then is was game on when I could find Pampers Toddler diapers in the purple cardboard boxes. I figured out early on how to take two of them and make them into a "T" shape (with some overlap) and wear them with great enjoyment!
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  19. plhg

    Waist size question.

    Consider ordering a "sample pack" from the vendor so you'll know for sure before spending all the money for a case of diapers that you are unhappy with.
  20. plhg

    I've obviously been putting this off, so here's a little about me

    I'm a married adult male living in Alaska. My wife knows and accepts me for who I am, which includes that portion of my character that is DL. I have been a DL since I was old enough to stuff them in my pants. My mom would find me sleeping or walking around with my blanket stuffed in my...