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  1. Scubadiaper

    Issues With Order From XP Medical

    Question... Did you ever pick up the phone and actually Call them? They have great phone support. XP Medical has some of the best customer service in the industry and I've been ordering from them for ~10 years. Any issue I've ever had has been quickly corrected and has exceeded expectations...
  2. Scubadiaper

    Different Taping Strategy?

    This strategy actually works very well and doesn't compromise the effectiveness of the diaper at all.
  3. Scubadiaper

    Traveling Need Some Advice

    I gotta ask... Why are you taking a bus when flying is about the same price ? Doing a quick search, The bus is going to cost $240 RT and flying out of Ft. Lauderdale is only $290. I couldn't imagine spending 3 days on a bus.
  4. Scubadiaper

    Making Local Friends

    WearingClouds, where are you located? I'd be happy to direct you to some local munches (based on what I've found on FL).
  5. Scubadiaper

    Night Proofs Diapers

    They're pretty bad... I bought the plastic backed version when they first came out and the tapes didn't stick well and thickness/absorbency was comparable to an Abena M2. The WORST part... I got a phone call about 6 months after buying them asking if I liked the product and if I needed more...
  6. Scubadiaper

    Buying just one?

    Just find a local Medical Supply store and go in and ask for Samples. You can pay cash and usually get as many single dips as you want.
  7. Scubadiaper

    FETLIFE Is still full of assholes

    Bartolome, I would suggest dropping the personal ads and work on making friends and connections with people on a "normal" basis. Throw ABDL out the window... Don't even mention it, and connect with people like they're human. People on all sites HATE when they're labeled as objects due to their...
  8. Scubadiaper

    Do Abdl web site models get into wearing diapers

    Quite a few of the sites out there feature actual AB/DL women as their models... I've met quite a few of the models IRL at munches or play parties. Most of the models used by ABDreams are actual ABDLs. Quite a few of the Diaperedonline ladies are ABDLs as well.
  9. Scubadiaper

    What diaper is this one?!?

    Willy81, thanks for the info. Found the link! Here are a bunch more photos of this set! Connexion - ABKingdom
  10. Scubadiaper

    What diaper is this one?!?

    100% sure. Other than having an all over print, it doesn't look like a Fabine at all (Christmas or Otherwise) Link to Christmas Fabine Sorry to bust your bubble. I would also agree that this COULD but a highly modified Tena Stretch, but it would have required significant time/technology to...
  11. Scubadiaper

    What diaper is this one?!?

    It's not a Fabine, but I'm very curious to know what it is!
  12. Scubadiaper

    Scuba Diver?

    Just recreational and minor tec here, but I've worn a diaper under my dry suit on a couple of occasions. However, I worry about leakage issues due horizontal orientation and minor suit squeeze.
  13. Scubadiaper

    PSA: Do not wear sleepers that are too small for you

    I hate to say it, but your toe nails were probably too long... It's hard to imagine that a fleece sleeper would be able to cause this kind of damage unless there were underlying circumstances. Reasoning behind the above judgement - Rock climbers & alpine skiers often wear shoes/boots that are...
  14. Scubadiaper

    How Much are they Worth?

    Probably $100-$150. Depends on the buyer. Could be as high as $200.
  15. Scubadiaper

    "Dip Shop": ABDL Parody of "Thrift Shop"

    Not to derail the conversation too much, but FetLife has a very strong contingent of AB/DLs and Ageplayers... In fact, the community is much larger and more active than ADISC. I definitely recommend that you check it out. However, the philosophies of Fetlifers differ a bit from those on...
  16. Scubadiaper

    "Dip Shop": ABDL Parody of "Thrift Shop"

    The creators of the song are active on FetLife.
  17. Scubadiaper

    Buying with gift cards online?

    I just did a price check on the Medium Molicare Super Pluses and you can get them w/ Fedex Ground Shipping for less than $25 (unless you live in California) at Abena's are $25.06 out the door...
  18. Scubadiaper

    Diaperspace is up!!!

    Wow...It was down a while. It's up for me as of 6:35pm PST right now. Don't hate me if it goes down again though. -Scubadiaper
  19. Scubadiaper

    Will cats claw your diaper while you're sleeping with the cat?

    How bad would it suck if you came home and your kitty treated a stack of diapers like toilet paper or a roll of paper towels. As for me, I've never had a kitty try to claw my diaper.
  20. Scubadiaper

    Oh wow...

    I'm sorry socal. That's one of my biggest AB/DL related fears.