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  1. Slip92

    Endorsement in a safe environment

    When I was in my youth (mid 2000s), my mum used to attend a Saturday morning coffee club for single parents in the UK where there was also a youth club for the kids, several of whom had autism/adhd and were obviously still using nappies. I was too in nappies for my bladder incontinence and the...
  2. Slip92

    Loud or quiet filling?

    A simple question - do you prefer a loud or silent filling of your nappy? For me, louder the better - I love it when the noise of my incontinence makes me realise I probably need a nappy change!
  3. Slip92

    Aldi (UK/Ireland) Night Pants

    Aldi are stocking their own brand Night Pants - saw the age 4-7 ones in my local store in Ireland today for €2.99 a pack. The manufacturer on the side is “ONTEX BV” so they’re presumably repackaged ID Comforts!
  4. Slip92

    Awkward behaviour during accident

    Hey guys, My partner had a bit of a disagreement with me today regarding the fact that when we’re out in public I have started to act really weirdly when I’m on the cusp of having an accident or whilst its happening - I apparently “withdraw into myself” and become very fidgety. In my own head...
  5. Slip92

    100% Glycerin Liquid

    Hey guys, Glyncerin suppositories arent available in my country, but 100% pure glycerin liquid is widely available. Would anyone be able to guide me as to if/how this could be used as a suppository/enema - is it as simple as just injecting it, or does it need to be diluted? Thanks!
  6. Slip92

    Visiting my grandmother at her nursing home

    During my early teenage years I regularly wore my drynites during the day due to urge incontinence and my mum would encourage me to wear them instead of getting stressed over accidents. We were very open about it and it was considered normal that I would sometimes be padded, especially if it...
  7. Slip92

    Original Purple Molicare Super Plus

    Hey guys, I have found 4 packs of the original purple plastic backed Molicare Super Plus in my loft - fully sealed packs and no longer manufactured. Looking to sell these to a loving new home. I’m in the UK, so can ship anywhere if you cover the costs :)
  8. Slip92

    Didn’t get my promotion :(

    Sad news for my Friday afternoon....after a 6 month wait, I found out that I was unsuccessful in my promotion to director level at the company I work in :( I moved abroad specifically to progress and this was offered as a potential to entice me to join in the first place. I work in a niche...
  9. Slip92

    Nappy Bag

    Hey - could somebody recommend a high quality nappy changing backpack that is available in the UK and is fairly neutral/masculine? Ideally needs to be able to hold 5 nappies + wipes/sacks/spare jeans! Thanks! :)
  10. Slip92

    Tranquility Products

    It looks like Tranquality products have just become available here in Ireland, freshly imported from the USA - are they worth trying or worth avoiding?
  11. Slip92

    Permission to use nappy

    Does anyone else have memories of being given permission to use their nappy by their parents growing up? I was a nightmare child, hyperactive and very restless but with really poor control over my bladder/bowel - as a result of this, I was generally in nappies whenever we went anywhere where...
  12. Slip92

    Overnight ferry trip

    I had to travel back to my home country yesterday and chose to avoid flying and go overnight by ferry - I had a room to myself which was lovely and warm and cosy. Although the crossing was rough, I found it to be incredibly nurturing and relaxing to be rocking in my bed all night, almost like I...
  13. Slip92

    I have it all - but still struggling

    I really need help from you all as I’m struggling with “nappy guilt” I have a perfect DL lifestyle where I have managed to integrate my continence issues in my life - my partner fully get it and encourages my nappy use. I’m 24/7 and freely wet/mess no matter where I am or what I’m doing which is...
  14. Slip92

    ABDL Diaper % Profit Margin

    I’d be really interested to know what the approximate % profit margin is off a pack of adult nappies - I imagine that that the mass produced nappies such as Tena Slips would yield a higher % profit due to their mass production as opposed to niche ABDL nappies.
  15. Slip92

    Why is Ireland such an ABDL Desert?

    I moved to Dublin 6 months ago and I’m incredibly underwhelmed at how sparse the ABDL scene is - I cant seem to find any AB friends, it seems to be far more low key than in the UK. Finding good quality plastic backed nappies is also a challenge - Luckily I return to the UK by car/ferry every...
  16. Slip92

    Tykables Dubblers - SAP Explosions

    Hi, I’ve started using Tykables Dubblers in my nappies and I’m hugely dissapointed how susceptible they are to bursting sap everywhere when they’re used - the whole point is that they take a good soaking before going through to the main nappy :( really dissapointed as no other boosters do this...
  17. Slip92

    3 hour dentist appointment

    I’m having some major dental work tomorrow, so much so that its taking 3 hours under local anaesthetic - this is bad enough, but also have the misfortune of being heavily incontinent. I’m concerned about my nappy situation, particularly as I’m likely to use it excessively if I experience any...
  18. Slip92

    Finding Bambino Magnifico’s in the UK!

    I’m absolutely desperate to try and find some Bambino Magnificos in the UK - NRU haven’t had any in Stock for months and even a search on Google is proving fruitless. Any pointers?
  19. Slip92

    Night prep

    My brother and I were bedwetters during our childhood and teens, I’d come home from school to find my night nappy, booster and PJs laid out our my bed by ouf mum. I wore leggings and a tshirt instead of PJs to help support the nappy and make it easier for my mum to see if I had an accident when...
  20. Slip92

    Plastic pants / Snappie Vest Combination

    Hey, Just after some advice - when wearing plastic pants in conjunction with a snappie vest, is it best to: A) Wear plastic pants over snappie vest B) Wear snappie vest over plastic pants Option A seems most logical to me, but I’ve noticed that smells tend to escape more easily. Option B...