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  1. sn7823

    Nappies & Opinions in the UK

    Morning All, I wear near enough 24/7 for medical and personal reasons, and am supplied by my local NHS trust "Molicare Super" (The purple ones). I grant you that they don't look nice, but they hold a fair amount, and if is wasn't for the stuffing breaking up and the awful sagging, they would be...
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    Just introducing myself :)

    Thanks ;)
  3. sn7823

    I've been diapered 24/7 for a year now!

    Leaking is of course a "Major" concern for us all, but I wear plastic pants over my nappy for this reason, so even if i leak out of my leg holes, i have the safety net of plastic pants until i can get to a toilet. I am very sorry to hear that the Nottinghamshire NHS are being funny towards...
  4. sn7823

    ABC London

    What is the ABC Club? When does this happen? How many nights? Could someone maybe send me a Personal Message with details? I work in London one day a week, and would be very interested in attending. M x
  5. sn7823


    Hi Chris, I live in Gloucester so not far and regularly "Attend" meetings on the M4 Corridor (Not to many Nappy related puns!) Be great to chat and see what we UK boys have in common. Welcome to the site ;) M x
  6. sn7823

    Just introducing myself :)

    Hello Sir, Should you need any advice on wearing and being discreet, please drop me a personal message. I am an outgoing 34yo who wears nappies and plastic pants 24/7, and dont worry or even think about it! M x
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    New :3

    Hi There, Hope you enjoy the Forum. You may have a condition called Lazy Bladder, which is what I have and why i need to wear nappies! Hope this helps? Matt x
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    I've been diapered 24/7 for a year now!

    24/7 isn't easy I shall grant that. But you adapt to your situation. I have been 24/7 since January and I don't find it difficult at all. Not once has anyone noticed, and I work two jobs. I hold top meetings with management and CEO's. Nappies aren't noticeable unless you really look closely and...
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    New Member

    I love football, Rugby, Reading and playing golf! I lead a very full life and the nappies for me, only enhance that.
  10. sn7823

    New Member

    Hi All, My name is Matt and I am a 34yo from the Southwest of England. I wear nappies 24/7 as a personal choice, due to it helping me with my bladder condition. I could have an operation or take tablets permanently, but the side effects aren't great and I find Nappy wearin comfortable and not...