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  1. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Discreet diapers?

    I have a question (it's for my character, not me btw)... does anyone know of any diapers that are at least somewhat discreet? They don't have to be ABDL diapers either. I'm looking for something with average absorbency... maybe something that can hold small to medium at most. I'm really bad at...
  2. AdorbzLittleGirl

    How long did it take you to accept it?

    For those that don't know or haven't read my profile about it, I was somewhat diagnosed with overflow incontinence. I have a tendency to "wet" my undies when I don't need to go. There are also times when I do have to go, and I can't make it to the bathroom in time... so I often dribble. I...
  3. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Does anyone carry around a stuffie everywhere?

    I now I may have asked this in the past, but I'm bringing it up again so see if I can get more answers for this. :3 Anyway, do you ever bring a stuffie everywhere you go? I do. Actually, I have this habit of carrying around my Spencer Reid pillow everywhere. I do leave it in the care at...
  4. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Do you read books?

    If yes, what do you like to read? Is there anything you are currently reading at the moment? Tell us about the book you are reading, and what you like a bout it! If no, why not? I like to read fantasy most of the time. Though, I'm not too picky when it comes to reading. It's mainly something...
  5. AdorbzLittleGirl

    What are your fears/phobias?

    I have a long list of phobias that I have. @[email protected] - hospitals - needles/IVs - loud noises (including thunder) - being alone (this depends mainly on my mood/situation) - darkness - clowns - horror movies - natural disasters - talking on the phone That's all I can think of for now... so what are...
  6. AdorbzLittleGirl

    What celebrity do you miss most that has passed?

    For me, it's Robin Williams and Chester Bennington. Oh! Carrie Fisher too. :c They were all such great people, you know?
  7. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Someone complimented me on my Skye plushie!

    She was actually an older woman who worked at Walmart. She asked me if it was Paw Patrol, and I said yeah. Then, I told her about what Skye could do. She thought Skye was cute. ^w^ I don't usually get compliments on my plushies because a lot of people find it weird that I carry them with me (I'm...
  8. AdorbzLittleGirl

    What are you listening to? (Revived)

    I really liked this thread... so I'm reviving it! I couldn't find the other one, and I assume it must have died or something. The idea is basically to post what you are listening to currently. :3 I'll start~ All Time Low - Good Times
  9. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Favorite little shows?

    Mine are PJ Masks, Puppy Dog Pals, Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Goldie & Bear Vampirina, Mission Force One, The Lion Guard, Blues Clues, Peter Rabbit, Bubble Guppies, Top Wing... and more! What about you? :3
  10. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Pokemon Players?

    Does anyone here play Pokemon games? My main go to game is Pokemon X to be honest, but that's also because I lost Pokemon UM... along with my previous 2DS as well. I did get a new one, and another copy of Pokemon X (I lost that too). I haven't really gotten my account set up or my friend code...
  11. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Do you carry a backpack?

    I do. I keep mostly coloring books, my sketchbook, my twistables and my pens/pencils inside. I also keep my iPad in it, and I like to have snacks -- if they are willing to fit. <3 (it's too big to upload as an image... thanks a LOT iPad. *rolls eyes*) It's...
  12. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Favorite "Little" Snacks/foods?

    I know I asked this before, but it's been quite a while. I'm pretty sure the last thread is dead. :c I started getting into Fruit & Veggie melts from Gerber. They're good to snack on, especially on the go! I also really like fruit snacks as well, usually Paw Patrol, Scooby doo and Pokemon ones...
  13. AdorbzLittleGirl

    I almost bought boy's paw patrol undies... @[email protected]

    ...but then I was afraid they wouldn't actually fit me, considering I'm overweight and what not. I didn't want to feel silly having to take them back and saying "they didn't fit me". :S Does anyone know how big these run? Like, do would the run smaller because they are for little boys, even the...
  14. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Anyone with favorite "security" blankets?

    I was just curious. I have one myself that's really soft and fluffy. His name is Keru, and he's got his own persona. XDDD But yeah, I was just wondering if anyone else here has any security blanket as well! Well, do you? Here's a pic of Keru:
  15. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Guess what guuuuuys?

    I have my first pacifier as an adult. It's currently a baby one, but it works well for me since I don't have teeth (long story don't ask). My parents have also accepted it as well. HOWEVER, this is mostly due to my autism. My dad told me if I wasn't autistic that he would be really concerned...
  16. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Slight wetting issues

    Okay so... I noticed that if I don't use the bathroom right away (usually because I'm unable to or don't want to bother with a public restroom), I'll have little dribbles in my underwear. I see my doctor soon, so I am definitely going to try discussing it with her. I was just wondering if this...
  17. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Favorite plushies~

    Right now, I have Alois clipped to my backpack. He's my current favorite plushie at the moment. (Plus, he's deathly terrified of darkness... and doesn't like to be left alone). I've also found myself sleeping with Mina the Espeon because she's associated with my bf. I love Alois anyway because...
  18. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Sweet Lolita, anyone? :3

    I was just wondering if anyone knows/likes lolita fashion, especially little girls since it's often cute and such. ^w^ I like gothic lolita more, but I do like a lot of the sweet Lolita fashions because they are cute and more feminine~ Here's an example of what much of it looks like. I created...
  19. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Has anyone tried making their own slime? :O

    It seems like a fun thing to do for a little, so I was wondering if anyone has done it yet. I want to try it myself, but I keep forgetting to get the ingredients and such to do it. :c
  20. AdorbzLittleGirl

    Night Owls represent! :D

    So, who here is a night owl? Do you stay up a lot of hours and sleep late? Or are you the type of person who sleeps early ad gets up early? I'm usually a night owl... but it depends on how tired I am the next day. I don't usually stay up a whole lot because it affects my anxiety at times. So...