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    Which chapter of my story "The Mystery of Disposition" did you enjoy most?

    Personally chapter 7 is my favorite so far. I really loved her slow regression while playing with JJ. It really is a great story though; I look forward to seeing where you take it next.
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    Rebecca's Story

    Thank you for continuing with this; it's such a lovely story.
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    A question for the bedwetters or sleep wearers

    I always wear to bed because of bedwetting. When i do (rarely) wake up needing to go, i just let go and go back to sleep. But normally by the time i wake up, it's happened already!
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    Scared of the word diaper?

    I always avoid using either the words 'nappy' or 'diaper', mainly because just saying (or hearing) them makes me blush! I was at my girlfriend's house recently and her dad handed me half a cup of tea (all that was left in the pot) and joked that it was 'Only a small one for you as you've been...
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    Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I'm simply saying hello. I'm 19, and live in the UK - down in the south-west (the best bit!) I found this site on Google, and it's a godsend - It's so good to know there are other people like me all over the world! Thank you adisc!