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    When did you realize you were a baby?

    I was looking for something in a closet one time and I noticed a Depends sample my mom or dad had got, it was open. Didn't do anything at the time. Then I had a Sears catalog and happened to turn to a page that had "Adult Briefs" on it and it made me think of that sample I had found. Went back...
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    Do you like feeling wet?

    I love the wet feeling. It is nice to get a dry diaper and I really like when it pulled up, but the best is when I start wetting again!!
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    what is your worst leak that has happened to you?

    I was taking fiddle lessons after work one evening so I had put on plastic panties in case I leaked. I was taking lessons from a very cute young lady. When I stood up to leave I felt something really cool around the edges of plastic panties around my rear end. As I was leaving I looked in the...
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    For those in this at least 5 years ... how many times have you tried to purge?

    I used to purge TONS, I've been doing this since the late 80's. I've not purged anymore since probably the late 90's. I finally came to the realization I was throwing money away when the next day or so I would go buy more things again. Once the part of guilt of wasting money way gone, I started...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from Privatina (privatina - individual one piece fashion) in the U.S.? If so, what was your experience? Thanks!
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    Which did you get first?

    Panties were the first thing for me, then diapers, now both together!
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    someone already worked diapers

    I wear to work a lot as well, no one will know. Sometimes, I wear tights over mine to keep them dose and comfy! If someone is looking that close, somebody else may have an issue!
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    Uh oh!!!!!

    One of the best feelings when not diapered is realizing I've got plenty on hand when I'm ready for the next time!
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    What is your favourite thing about diapers?

    The crinkle, the safe feeling and when I get stressed, I think to myself that "wow, I'm actually in a diaper" and the stress goes away for while!
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    Bellissimos... Did I do something wrong?

    Maybe sitting on the edge of a hard surface caused you diaper to scrunch up, happened to me before!
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    What your favorite cartoon shows

    Tiny toones, looney tunes, animaniacs, Kim possible, Tom and Jerry, Phineas and Ferb! Not in that order! Oh and Angry Beavers!
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    Telling my spouse

    This is nice to see, I was honest with my gal at an early time and it all worked out for me as we'll. honesty is always best!
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    Has anyone tried these?

    I currently use both the TotalDry BoostUps and Bambino Quadros. Someone mentioned that the TotalDry ones would hold a lot and they do! I use them for wear during the day at work and they do hold more than the Quadros. Sometimes the SAP has come out sometimes it does not. I have found that the...
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    People Who Know Your'e an AB

    I started dating this girl I really liked almost 18 years ago and decided to tell her when things got serious! We will have our 16th anniversary this year. So glad I told her! We play some and sometimes she wonders why I'm not diapered more often! It's been a huge blessing finding her! Haven't...
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    Who hates getting out of bed?

    Sometimes I would like to stay in bed, especially when diapered even though I am an early riser, but I'm getting older and sometimes have lower back pain that gets unbearable the longer I stay in bed. So I get up and the pain starts going away.
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    Hello all!

    Hmmmmm...a little about myself. I'm a lover of the out of doors! I do a good bit of hiking and also live on a hobby farm, raising a few beef cattle. When it comes to music, I mostly listen to country but can listen to just about anything. Music is an awesome escape.
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    Not nervous buying diapers anymore!:)

    I was really nervous when I started buying my first diapers, back in High School. But after time you realize that nobody really cares! Although that realization took away some of the intrigue of it. My wife has added some of that back though! :giggles:
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    Hello all!

    Let's see, I have had a fondness for absorbant undergarments since probably the mid 80's but this is my first time I have been posting in forums. I have been a lurker here and other places for a long time. I first found some samples my mom had in the back of a closet of depend undergarments and...
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    An ABDL Quiz!

    1. Ab or dl? About half and half 2. Sissy or boy all the way? Most of the time, boy, but I do like to play dress up in clothes mommy (wife) picks out for me. 3. How often do you wear? As mush as possible. Maybe 3 or 4 days a week. 4. How do they make you feel? They make me feel that mommy is...
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    Hello all!

    Hello!!!! I'm fairly new here. I have been wearing diapers since the mid 80's. I am happily married and my wife sometimes plays as mommy.